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Wild Hearts multiplayer, co-op explained, how to join friends

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Wild Hearts multiplayer, co-op how to join friends and more so you can hunt alongside your pals

Wild Hearts Multiplayer: A player can be seen fighting a large wolf

Fancy a fast, intense, and heart-pounding co-op experience? Wild Hearts multiplayer has you covered with a suite of features that allow you to fight monsters and join up with friends no matter where they are. This guide will serve as a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about how co-op in the game works.

Whether you are looking for how to team up and use some of the Wild Hearts weapons on Kemono with your friends in-game, or just understand the range of features available, a full rundown of it all can be found below.

Wild Hearts multiplayer explained

In Wild Hearts, multiplayer is fully incorporated into the full experience once you pass the tutorial and have crafted your character using the Wild Hearts character customisation system. This multiplayer allows you to team up with two other players that are either strangers or your friends.

With the open maps of Wild Hearts, you can either explore and take down Wild Hearts Kemono together or tackle missions and quests that have you hunt down specific monsters. There is quite a bit of flexibility on offer in the game and you can also play alone if you prefer.

Wild Hearts multiplayer co-op features

Co-op multiplayer in Wild Hearts is embedded into every aspect of the game and you can even join friends or strangers on other platforms thanks to Wild Hearts crossplay. This feature allows you to combine Kakuri you build and utilise contraptions and items like springs, traps, and Bulawarks to better take down monsters and prevent them from using their most devastating attacks.

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Wild Hearts how to join friends in multiplayer

To join your friends in Wild Hearts multiplayer, you can head to the following spots:

  • Campfires
  • Hunter’s Gate
  • Request assistance while on a hunt

Here you can choose to matchmake into a game. Alternatively, you can join a friend through these systems or the main menu.

That is everything you need to know about how Wild Hearts multiplayer and co-op works. For even more guides as you are playing, read through our Wild Hearts Dragon Pits guide to get a feel for just what these interactable pits do and are used for as you are hunting Kemono.