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Wild Hearts character customisation explained, options

Before you head out and start hunting Kemono, you’ll want to look the part. Here’s the Wild Hearts character customisation and all options available.

Wild Hearts character customisation: Wild Hearts hunter in CG story trailer

As you step foot in the lands of Azuma, you’ll become a legendary hunter, and while this story will be similar for everyone, the Wild Hearts character customisation will let you become the hunter of your dreams.

There are plenty of Wild Hearts monsters that you’ll be facing up against, and while it will be a tough battle, there’s a variety of Wild Hearts weapons to choose from. Of course, none of it matters if you aren’t dressed to impress, so you’ll definitely want to spend some time in the character creation to set your hunter for the occasion.

Wild Hearts character customisation explained

Wild Hearts has an extremely detailed character customisation experience, with a suite of options which can help you delicately craft your character.

Similar to previous games from developer Koei Tecmo, the character creation tools allow you to adjust everything from your character’s face to their body. It’s a strikingly similar system to Nioh 2.

Wild Hearts character customisation options

The Wild Hearts character customisation options are fairly extensive, with the following being part of the creation process:

  • Build Selection
  • Face
  • Hair
  • Beard
  • Makeup
  • Body
  • Details
  • Pronouns

Interestingly, compared to the Monster Hunter Rise character creation options, you can adjust the height of your character in Wild Hearts. Within each option, there are plenty of sub-options to adjust features such as the colours of your character’s eyes, their muscle definition, add highlights to hair etc. and more. Another excellent feature is the ability to choose your pronouns, from the options ‘he/him’, ‘she/her’ and ‘they/them’.

As for your character’s gear, you can equip various armour sets that you craft in Wild Hearts to wear. There’s also the option to equip your character with armour sets that work like skins. No matter what armour you equip, these sets without stats will replace your armour and keep your character in one skin. You can, however, remove this at any time to use the actual armour you have equipped.

That’s all of the Wild Hearts character customisation options you need to know about before you head out for your Kemono hunting expeditions. We recommend finding out more about the Wild Hearts Dragon Pits if you hope to enhance your Karakuri in the lands of Azuma.