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Wild Hearts Tsukumo, locations, how to find them easily

Get an overview of the Wild Hearts Usukumo, their locations, and how you can find them easily while playing through the game and bringing down Kemono.

Wild Hearst Tsukumo: A hunter can be seen fighting a Kingtusk

Wild Hearts Tsukumo are small companions you can find as you are exploring that help you out in battle. Whether they are landing attacks for you, healing you, gathering resources, or supporting your defence, each one has its uses and knowing exactly how to grab them and where to find them will be key to being as effective as possible in combat.

So, if you are taking on some of the Wild Hearts Kemono, you will want to bring one of these small mechanical friends along with you for some support. So, let’s dive into how they work in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts Tsukumo explained

Tsukumo in Wild Hearts act as a companion, supporting you in combat by throwing Karakuri, or helping you land attacks and support yourself. They are small mechanised balls that roll around alongside you.

These Tsukumo are found throughout the different maps in the game and there are 50 to find. They come in different forms, either the Attack, Defence, Assist, or Threader form, with the latter gathering more Celestial Thread for you to use in fights rather than attacking.

How to find Wild hearts Tsukumo easily

Tsukumo can actually be found quite easily despite their tendency to hide in the environment. You will come across them along the main story path and they make a mechanical chattering sound. You can also buy an upgrade in the Karakuri tree to show Tsukumo on the map using the Tower.

This is the key to being able to properly find them all during your playthrough and also be able to find them quickly. Grabbing them is important so do keep an eye out for them and an ear out to try and hear the sound they make.

Wild Hearts Tsukumo locations

The Wild Hearts Tsukumo locations are as follows:

Tsukumo 1

Found in the first map in the game, you will either fight the Ragetail or the Kingtusk in a large open arena with some houses. Just to the side, on the wall of a house, you can find a Tsukumo to pick up.

Wild Hearts Tsukumo: The Tsukumo can be seen

We will be adding more to this guide as we get through the game and find them. But, as mentioned above they are quite easy to find and you can unlock a way to show them easily as well.

That covers everything you need to know about the Wild Hearts Tsukumo. For even more Wild Hearts guides, check out our rundown of how Wild Hearts multiplayer works and the best Wild Hearts weapons in the game.