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Wild Hearts best weapons to hunt Kemono with

No matter your playstyle, there’s plenty of choice in Azuma, but these are the Wild Hearts best weapons that you should start using in your next hunt.

Wild Hearts best weapons: Hunter approaching the Deathstalker Kemono in Wild Hearts

Whether you prefer to hunt with the strongest swords or want to bring something a little more defensive, there’s certainly an argument to make that the Wild Hearts best weapons depend on the hunter using them. However, there’s definitely some candidates that top the list regardless of whoever is picking them up.

There are plenty of Wild Hearts weapons to choose from, all of which can be used to take on the dangerous Wild Hearts monsters and Kemono that you’ll face in the wilds. Every hunter can use the various Karakuri to their advantage, but if you want to step your hunting game up a notch, you’ll want to start using these weapons.

Wild Hearts best weapons

These are the Wild Hearts best weapons below:

  • Claw Blade
  • Bow
  • Karakuri Katana
  • Karakuri Staff

Claw Blade

The Claw Blade is the perfect weapon for those who prefer speed over strength. What the Claw Blade lacks in damage, it makes up for with fast attacks that give any Kemono death from a thousand cuts. Its special ability is the fact that it can hook onto any Kemono, allowing you to evade around them in mid-air and charge at them, over time building up to a massive final attack that will knock down any of the toughest beasts.


If you prefer to stay away from any Kemono claws and keep your distance, then the Bow could be a great option for you. It has a variation of arrows, one of which provides faster shots at the cost of damage, or larger arrows that deal devastating damage when landing on an unsuspecting Kemono.

Karakuri Katana

The first weapon in the game is also one of the best. Balancing speed and strength, the Karakuri Katana delivers a flurry of attacks that combo well, while also providing decent damage output. When charged up, you can unleash the Karakuri Katana Unbound, which extends the range and enhances the damage of the weapon, as well as providing faster attacks.

Karakuri Staff

What’s better than one weapon? How about five. The Karakuri Staff’s special ability allows this weapon to change forms when attacking, changing from a blunt staff, to a sharp staff, to daggers and more. After comboing into a variety of weapon types and attacks, you can finish off with the Juggernaut Blade, a special attack that turns the Karakuri Staff into a giant sword, which comes crashing down on your prey.

Of course, any of the weapons in the game are great choices, but you’ll need to put the resources in to upgrade them and put them to good use. It’s also worth using the Training Bear Dragon Karakuri to practise with the different weapons and get a feel for how they work. If you don’t have access to this Karakuri, you can find a Training Bear in Harugasumi Way in the first camp set up.

That’s the Wild Hearts best weapons if you want to start putting materials and energy into certain weapon trees. It’s easier to hunt Kemono with friends, though. Fortunately, there is Wild Hearts multiplayer co-op, and there’s also Wild Hearts crossplay for those with friends on other platforms.