The Day Before devs confirm early access with a big catch to consider

The Day Before early access is officially confirmed by developer Fntastic, but you might be waiting a while to play this mysterious MMORPG.

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The Day Before is an intriguing mystery that we’re all waiting to unravel, and after mostly radio silence over the last few months, developer Fntastic shares a new gameplay overview for the upcoming MMORPG. With plenty of visual influences from The Division and The Last of Us franchises running deep within it, you can actually start looking forward to The Day Before early access. That’s if you’ve got the right platform to play it.

The Day Before release date has faced several delays, and while another delay has hit the game, you can see what you’ll get up to in the game, when early access rolls around on Thursday, December 7, 2023. However, you’ll only be able to access it if you buy the Steam version of the game on PC. Furthermore, the developer iterates on social media that “it will be early access on Steam since this our first huge game, and there may be unforeseen circumstances.” Whether early access will come to PS5 and Xbox is unconfirmed, but we speculate it could arrive in early 2024.

A full-release of The Day Before will appear down the line, when Fntastic feels that “this is the best version of the game possible, and we believe that player feedback and involvement will greatly contribute to achieving this goal.” This confirmation also reveals the game’s pricing, with the early access version retailing for $39/£39. When the full-release version arrives, this will be priced at $49/£49. There will also be no The Day Before pre-orders too, if that was something you were considering as the list of new PS5 games and new Xbox games grows.

the day before early access price

This comes after Fntastic promised “no further delays” on the project amid a copyright dispute over The Day Before‘s name. Set in the present day, players will travel around the US East Coast, navigating the perils of a post-apocalyptic America. Players can make their own character and purchase their own customizable ranch, all while fulfilling objectives to ensure that your local community has enough resources to survive.

This means venturing out of the wilderness and into New Fortune City, a New York City-style open-world that can be explored on foot or in vehicles, such as luxury sports cars seen in the trailer below.

If you’ve ever played some of the best RPG games like The Division, or even one of the best games on PlayStation, The Last of Us, then a lot of The Day Before’s thematic and gameplay concepts might seem familiar. Whether they will be worth the wait is another matter, but we suspect it could cultivate a loyal group of fans when early access arrives.

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