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Top 25 biggest Twitch streamers

We take a statistical look at the top 25 Twitch streamers in terms of followers, subs, and watch time, featuring Pokimane, KaiCenat, and more.

Biggest Twitch streamers: Ninja

Who are the top 25 Twitch streamers? We all have our favorite streamers. From those that wonder the world and share their experiences in IRL streaming, to those who grind your favorite game, to those niche hidden gems creating some really unique content. However, when it comes to who the top Twitch streamers are, the stats don’t lie. With the streaming world’s biggest stars racking up millions of hours of watch time every month – and making some big bucks in the process – it has become one of the fastest growing and most lucrative entertainment forms.

The last few years have been packed with massive news in the streaming industry. From high-profile bans, massive exclusivity deals, leaks around streamers’ incomes, and record-smashing streams, it’s been a landmark period for the industry. But who’s managed to navigate these choppy waters and come out on top as one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world right now?

Here, we brush past all the drama to have a statistical look at the biggest personalities on Twitch when it comes to followers, subscribers, and earnings. Let’s crunch those numbers.

Top 25 Twitch streamers

The biggest Twitch streamers are Ninja, Auronplay, and Ibai. That is, at least in terms of total follower count on the platform according to Twitch Metrics.

Here are the top 25 Twitch streamers:

Streamer Followers
Ninja 18.5 million
AuronPlay 15.5 million
ibai 15.1 million
Rubius 14.4 million
xQc 11.9 million
TheGrefg 11.5 million
Tfue 11.4 million
juansguarnizo 10.9 million
shroud 10.6 million
pokimane 9.4 million
sodapoppin 8.9 million
ElMariana 8.5 million
ElSpreen 8.5 million
Heelmike 7.4 million
tommyinnit 7.4 million
AdinRoss 7.3 million
NICKMERCS 6.7 million
alanzoka 6.6 million
AriGameplays 6.6 million
KaiCenat 6.6 million
SypherPK 6.5 million
Dream 6.4 million
AMOURANTH 6.4 million
summit1g 6.2 million
Clix 6.2 million

As you can see, the most popular streamers on Twitch have follower counts that surpass the populations of countries. Tournament operators like Riot Games (6.6 million) and ESL (6.1 million) also feature in Twitch Metrics’ list, though we’ve omitted them here as we’re only focusing on individual streamers.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins leads the way by a long stretch when it comes to the biggest following on a streaming platform. With 18.5 million followers, his notoriety as the world’s most famous gamer is definitely not misplaced.

Biggest Twitch streamers: Ninja

In second and third place are two spearheads of the massive Spanish streaming community – Raul ‘AuronPlay’ Alvarez and Ibai ‘ibai’ Llanos. Along with a few others in that top ten list, they have surfed the wave of popularity that has swept across the Spanish-speaking community on Twitch.

Lots of followers doesn’t always equal having a community of devout viewers that tune in every time a streamer goes live. Let’s see who leads the way in terms of viewership.

Most watched Twitch streamer

The most-watched streamer on Twitch is Chikara ‘fps_shaka’ Kawakami. The Japanese creator known for his proficiency in some of the best competitive FPS games is the biggest streamer in terms of total hours watched right now.

Below is a table showing the top ten streamers in terms of their total watch hours recorded by Twitch Metrics over the last 30 days. This list excludes any channels belonging to game developers, esports organisations, or any other entities that aren’t individual streamers.

Streamer Hours watched in August 2023
fps_shaka 12.6 million
Gaules 11.5 million
tarik 7.0 million
k3soju 6.4 million
Cellbit 6.2 million
Papaplatte 6.0 million
handongsuk 5.7 million
RTAinJapan 5.3 million
ohnePixel 5.0 million
ibai 5.0 million

Which streamer has the most subscribers on Twitch?

The streamer with the most Twitch subscribers is currently Nicholas ‘Jynxzi’ Stewart. The Rainbow Six Siege streamer boasts over 100,000 active subs.

Below is a table of the top ten streamers in terms of their current Twitch subscriptions:

Streamer Subscribers
Jynxzi 110,207
KaiCenat 79,571
HasanAbi 61,802
Gaules 56,464
Tumblurr 49,054
xQc 48,620
PaymoneyWubby 38,161
Anny 32,316
jccaylen 32,002

This is subscriber data pulled from Twitch Tracker. It is worth noting that some streamers keep their subscriber data hidden, but these are the top ten from the available data at the time of writing.

As you can see, Jynxzi sits at the top of a Twitch leaderboard by a clear margin. With a whopping 110,207 subscribers at the time of writing, the Siege streamer has been collecting Twitch subs like the rarest Pokémon cards.

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Highest earning Twitch streamer

A leak of Twitch data towards the end of 2021 reportedly revealed how much income streamers make from the platform. The data showed how much Twitch had paid to its most popular streamers in a roughly two-year period between August 2019 and October 2021.

It’s worth noting a few things about this data. Firstly, it’s not 100% confirmed that the values are in US dollars, although it’s highly likely. Secondly, these figures are pre-tax. Finally, these figures are based on Twitch revenue alone, which includes ad revenue, subscriptions, and bits – it does not include external revenue streams such as sponsorship deals.

As per the most recent leaked data, here are the top earners on Twitch:

Streamer/ Channel Twitch revenue (Aug 2019-Oct 2021)
CriticalRole $9.6 million
xQc $8.4 million
Summit1g $5.8 million
Tfue $5.2 million
NICKMERCS $5 million
Ludwig $3.2 million
AuronPlay $3 million

While these are the top earners in terms of their Twitch revenue, it could be a completely different story when you factor in donations, sponsorship deals, merch sales, and more.

Additionally, as this data is now old, the hierarchy has quite possibly shifted, especially as channels ebb and flow in terms of popularity.

Which streamer has the highest net worth?

Streamers are quickly becoming some of the most influential and popular celebrity figures out there, even ahead of the usual music artists, sports personalities, and reality TV stars.

With that popularity comes opportunities to make a lot of money from not only streaming but sponsorship deals, merch, book releases, and more.

Here are the streamers with the highest known net worth:

Streamer Net Worth
xQc Up to $100+ million
Amoranth $Undisclosed
Ninja $15-20 million
shroud $8-12 million
TimTheTatman $6+ million

Streaming start-up Kick made waves in June 2023 when it signed Twitch stars Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Kaitlyn ‘Amoranth’ Siragusa – the former to a mega contract that had hitherto been unheard of in the industry. While xQc could earn up to $100 million over the course of the deal, the lucrativeness of Amoranth’s contract has not been disclosed. Based on her announcement video, it could quite easily be up there with xQc’s.

Aside from Kick’s major recruits, Ninja is, without a shadow of a doubt, the streamer with the highest net worth. His popularity has seen him secure sponsorship with the likes of Red Bull and Adidas, create his own line of merchandise and even write a book.

An article by Forbes also claims that Ninja earned $17 million dollars in total during 2019 alone.

Reports also suggest that Ninja’s multi-year deal to stream exclusively on Mixer earned him at least $20 million over the course of the contract. On top of that payday, Ninja penned a new streaming deal with Twitch in late 2020.

Biggest Twitch streamers: Ninja

Shroud also dropped Twitch for Mixer, but his massive popularity on his old platform for the majority of 2019 meant he earned $12 million dollars, according to the same Forbes article. While his contract with Mixer probably wasn’t as valuable as Ninja’s, it was likely knocking on the door of $10 million.

Both Ninja and Shroud had their contracts paid out in full when Mixer shut down in July 2020.

One of the community’s favorite streamers, TimTheTatman, is thought to have a net worth between $6-8 million. Despite the shift to YouTube, he still rakes in tens of thousands of viewers to his channel where he mainly plays Call of Duty Warzone 2. Forbes believes his 2019 earnings to be toward the higher end of his net worth estimation.

And that’s all you need to know about the biggest Twitch streamers (and Tim) operating in the industry right now. If you’re hoping to emulate Ninja one day, be sure to check out the best Fortnite VPN to ensure you have the best chance of cleaning out lobbies. Or at least make it out of the landing zone.