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This Starfield bug hilariously turns VASCO into a complete thug

Xbox RPG Starfield is a Bethesda game, meaning that it isn't perfect, and players are coming across a hilarious VASCO bug that causes him to attack mid-chat.

Starfield VASCO bug attack: an image of the robot and an angry emoji from the Xbox RPG

When you’re having a conversation in Starfield, you’re often met with a number of different options; some of these can lead you to getting your hands on some of the best Starfield weapons, or some of them can lead to a little bit of violence. If you’re roaming any one of the thousand-odd Starfield planets with VASCO, though, you might find that – sometimes – he doesn’t want to wait for the conversation to take a turn. As you can see for yourself below, this hilarious Starfield VASCO bug can turn your otherwise-amicable robotic companion into something of a thug.

Shared on Reddit ahead of the Starfield release date by unfortunte Spacer ‘Hylyx‘, it looks like there’s a bug – at least, we think it’s a bug – where VASCO will interrupt a conversation you’re having with an NPC and attack them. While, of course, this could prove fatal depending on the NPC, it’s also just so funny. We have said before that we think Starfield’s VASCO might be Bethesda’s most ruthless companion, and this just proves that.

As you can see below, while speaking to Freestar Collective Ranger Private Maloney, VASCO comically decides to cut the conversation short with a devastating blow to the NPC moments after she responds to the dialogue option “I’m glad I got to you in time” with “you and me both”. From the context to the timing, and the sound of VASCO’s attack, everything about this short scene is hilarious.

Vasco made an executive decision to abandon this mission
by u/Hylyx_ in Starfield

Is this something you’re going to see when you roam around with VASCO yourself? We don’t know for sure. Is this even a bug? Again, jury’s out on that one. VASCO has a certain air of ‘not-giving-a-crap’ about him. So, we honestly wouldn’t put it past him to just attack random NPCs he doesn’t like. He’s a menace, really.

But, he’s also just one part of what makes Starfield one of the best RPG games out there. That, and the incredible selection of Starfield ship customization options – as another example. Just check out some of the best custom Starfield ships; they really are incredible. If you want some insight into everything else that this game has to offer, you can check out our Starfield review right here.

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