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Starfield weapons “optimized” for space travel could save your loot

With a vast array of Starfield weapons to wield, Bethesda lead weapon designer Dave Olds details how Starfield combat is ready for space travel.

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The final frontier of space in Starfield is home to unknown species, pesky gangs, and hopefully some great loot. With so many Starfield planets to land on, Bethesda lead weapon designer Dave Olds details how your Starfield weapons are ready and raring for the dangerous task of space exploration in what could be one of the best Xbox RPG games in 2023.

Describing his approach to crafting weaponry across several Bethesda titles, Olds says that “in Starfield when creating the Combatech weapons we wanted to make items that were optimized for space travel. That meant trying to reduce [the] weight as much as possible and making things as compact as possible so they could fit aboard the cramped confines of a spaceship.”

Rather than adopting bulkier designs that you may see in shooters like Modern Warfare 2 or Apex Legends, Olds explains in his Bethesda interview that “as a result, our Combatech weapons are created from light-weight metal alloys and polymer and are mostly bullpup designs.”

This design is particularly unique for placing the firing grip at the front of the weapon, placing the magazine behind instead. You’ll have likely utilized it when using something like this Modern Warfare 2 STB 556 loadout.

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Alongside Combatech weapons, Olds mentions the appearance of weaponry under the ‘Kore Mag’ and ‘Laredo’ categories too. “Early on I had a fun idea for electromagnetically propelled weapons for Starfield […] the result was the Kore Mag weapons in Starfield. If you watch the gameplay reveal trailer closely you can even spot one,” Olds expresses.

The Laredo weapons, though, seem exceptionally fun – but we want to use this 25-barrel mega weapon first. Should one of your Starfield companions fall into peril, Olds’ sheer amount of guns should make getting out of trouble a fairly easy endeavor. We’re counting down toward the Starfield release date, waiting for our chance to wield them.

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The idea of becoming a space cowboy is very enticing, and if there is a selection of galactic-style revolvers, those dreams of being the ultimate gunslinger are ever closer. Starfield pre-orders are live now, and you might find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting an edition of the game. After all, that Chronomark watch is beautiful.

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