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Starfield fans’ screenshot analysis hints at huge number of aliens

Bethesda's upcoming sci-fi RPG is going to be big, but eagle-eyed find evidence to suggest that Starfield will have an absurd number of alien creatures to find

Starfield screenshot new aliens: an image of an astronaut looking at two dinosaur-like aliens

Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield is going to be huge – and we’re not just talking about the thousands of Starfield planets players will be able to explore. Eagle-eyed fans have spotted six aliens in one seemingly random screenshot, something which suggests that players will brush shoulders with a lot of unique alien creatures in their adventures across the galaxy.

As highlighted by Starfield subreddit user ‘Even_Championship311‘, one shot of the upcoming sci-fi RPG from Bethesda shows the player’s character in a scene with at least six other alien creatures – five of which appear to be different species.

When you consider the fact that there’s hardly more than double this variation in Bethesda’s other main RPG franchises, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, it’s exciting to think about what Starfield will offer players. We could just be looking at a well-crafted, specifically chosen scene – which does seem likely. However, this could also be a sign that there are going to be a lot of alien creatures for players to discover and encounter when the Starfield release date finally arrives.

If you’re sat there reading this wondering which Starfield screenshot is packed with alien creatures – and what those alien creatures actually look like – we have you covered. You can check out the image in the Reddit post below:

In this meadow shot, you can see up to 6 aliens (5 different alien species). from Starfield

Looking at the comments of this post, eagle-eyed fans have discerned that there’s a “mollusc-parrot-giraffe”, “a horse-type thing”, “some kind of big preying mantis”, and “the hammerhead-pincer beast” in the scene. Reddit user ‘Reasonabledwarf’ has also suggested that “the grey blur is a weird pig-bear”.

We might know a little bit about the Starfield factions, the Starfield religions, and there’s also this fan-made Starfield compendium that’s over 400 pages long… But, we don’t actually know much about the game’s flora and fauna yet.

One commentor did highlight the fact that we’ve seen at least two of these animals on other planets in other Starfield footage – which makes sense when you consider that we’ve also seen farm posters with the phrase “feeding the frontline” on them in the past. However, when you consider that Starfield has “over 1,000” open world planets you can explore it seems only fair to expect a little more variation from Bethesda when it comes to creatures in these locations.

So, at the moment, we don’t quite know for sure how many different alien creatures players will encounter on their adventures throughout Starfield’s expansive galaxy. However, if this screenshot is anything to go by… We could be looking at a fantastic selection of weird and wonderful alien species.