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Even in space Starfield players can’t escape the cells of horny jail

Bethesdan fans are looking for some companionship in space, and their admiration for Starfield's Sarah Morgan is increasing by the minute.

Starfield Sarah Morgan Romance

We get it, Starfield players. Sometimes, after eliminating Pirates and Spacers, coming back to The Lodge to the comfort of Starfield companions is a nice way to forget about the perils of space. With characters joining on your adventures, Bethesda begins to unveil what Starfield romance options are available – and players are obsessed with Constellation’s Sarah Morgan.

Yes, the Chair of Constellation is already the subject of constant fan discussion, but it won’t be long before the Freestar Collective or other Starfield factions send them to horny space jail. And the game’s photo mode is catching people in the middle of…appreciating Morgan, shall we say. “I was trying to show my girlfriend my beach outpost and this freaking random picture I took was used as a loading screen. I didn’t know it does that,” says Redditor ‘Recent-Requirement71’.

Fellow players are jokingly pitching in their thoughts, with ‘reznovelty’ commenting: “[Persuade] I don’t know how that photo got there, honest!” This is a lesson we’re sure you’ll all take into consideration for the game’s Photo Mode going forward.

I was trying to show my girlfriend my beach outpost and this freaking random picture I took was used as a loading screen. I didn’t know it does that
byu/Recent-Requirement71 inStarfield

However, as you may expect, this Redditor isn’t the only one trying to illustrate their compassion for Morgan. Starfield player ‘ScatmanDowns1’ details their attempt to show affection toward Morgan, albeit in a particularly crude manner. Tagged as a piece of ‘art’ while submitting to the Starfield subreddit, commenter ‘engagetangos’ comically asserts, “that’s my wife you’re staring at.”

We can only assume these Starfield players are following a path of good-doing, as Constellation members aren’t exactly privy to violence – especially Morgan. The Constellation leader prefers situations to be resolved with words, rather than brute force or unneeded combat. This requires some expertise using dialogue, so if you’re also considering some romance, it would be wise to consider the best Starfield skills.

I can’t seem to land on this gas giant
byu/ScatmanDowns1 inStarfield

Though Morgan is a great character in the game, especially as you descend further into the main Starfield missions, it is surprising that Bethesda only includes a handful of romance-able partners in the game. Given the sheer scope of Starfield, it could be expected from fans that more options should be available. However, until DLC or mods bring those options to us, you’ll be getting to know your existing companions well.

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