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Starfield land vehicles are coming to save your worn-out space boots

Bethesda is getting ready to burn rubber in Starfield as the sci-fi RPG teases what to expect from Starfield land vehicles in the future.

Starfield land vehicles: An image of a Constellation astronaut in a vehicle in Starfield on Xbox.

Using your boost pack in Starfield is awesome, but let’s be honest, we’re all sick and tired of running everywhere. Even with the benefits of low gravity, exploration in Bethesda’s enormous Xbox RPG is lacking some oomph. That’s all set to change in a future Starfield update, though, as the studio finally gives us our first look at Starfield land vehicles.

Addressing what’s next for one of the best Xbox open world games, Bethesda’s Starfield May update video reveals an initial glimpse of ground-based vehicles. The studio appears to be working on a small dune buggy, with just enough room for the player to squeeze into it. In other words, don’t expect your favorite Starfield companions to be able to tag along for the ride. After all, fuel ain’t cheap in the galaxy.

Looking closer at the currently unnamed vehicle, you can spy a mechanic similar to that of Epic Games’ battle royale game titan, Fortnite. In the bottom right corner, a bar indicating how much boost is available fills up and depletes as a Bethesda developer tests the buggy. Land vehicles also appear to have health bars, just in case you accidentally happen to send your ride into unsuspecting space pirates. While Bethesda promises a new Starfield update for Xbox owners on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, the wait for land vehicles is likely going to be a longer one, sadly.

Starfield land vehicles: An image of the first land vehicle in Starfield on Xbox.

Starfield’s lead creative producer Tim Lamb says, “the team working on our first land vehicle, so you can drive around on planets. Obviously, we’re [also] working on more quests, and the massive Shattered Space expansion.” Furthermore, Bethesda has sent out a beta version of its Creation Club tool, which will lead to the implementation of Starfield Xbox mods in the future. As for the Starfield Shattered Space DLC release window, well, we finally have an idea of when it is due to land – in the fall.

That will mark a full year since mammoth RPG launched, and we reckon that land vehicles are likely to be part of this update. Like Starfield ship customization, we’re hoping that these new methods of transportation will feature the same level of personalization. Just let us be the Dominic Torretto of the galaxy and pimp our rides, Bethesda.

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