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Starfield Shattered Space DLC finally gets a release window on Xbox

The Starfield Shattered Space DLC will be preceded by some exciting content updates that are set to bring highly-anticipated upgrades to the Xbox RPG.

Starfield Shattered Space DLC release window: Sarah Morgan in her red jacket, stood next to a man in all-black

Bethesda honcho Todd Howard has blessed our ears with a Starfield Shattered Space release window, and it’s coming this Fall. Not only that, but fans of the space RPG can soon expect a “big update” that’ll help tide them over until the first major Starfield DLC lands on Xbox.

When quizzed on what Bethesda is cooking up for the Xbox exclusive by Greg Miller during the latest edition of the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Howard reveals that “Shattered Space is [coming] in the Fall” – finally! Though we’ve known that expansion to one of the best Xbox games is arriving at some point this year, this is the first time that a window has been solidified.

This also means that Starfield’s first real piece of DLC content will land a whole year after its September 2023 release – the longest we’ve had to wait for Bethesda to drop a post-launch expansion in recent memory. Of course, we can’t compare Starfield to the likes of the resurging Fallout 4 and the legendary Skyrim, as the bar for development in this console generation is incredibly high – just ask Elden Ring developer FromSoftware, which is dropping its first DLC well over two years after the base game launched. Nonetheless, it’s great to have a concrete timeline for when we can expect to see Shattered Space materialize.

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Howard also offered up more details on how the ramp-up to the Shattered Space is going to look – at least over the coming days and weeks. The RPG game’s next update, which Howard says should be announced this week, will have “some great stuff for shipbuilding in,” though this is just a precursor to another “big update that’s coming really soon.”

So what can we expect from this mystery update? According to Howard, the studio “redid the map stuff” – the stuff in question being the space game’s city maps, the clarity of which has long been a major pain point for many (ourselves included). There’ll also be new “gameplay options” and “other display modes on console” – hopefully this means we’re finally getting some sort of Performance Mode type element that’ll help Starfield reach a more consistent 60 FPS on the Series X.

Should this next major update arrive by June, this would naturally lead us into Summer Games Fest. Though Howard remains coy on exactly when we’ll get our next look at Shattered Space, he does note that Bethesda’s “gonna have some stuff to show” at some point. Realistically, there isn’t a more appropriate stage for such a reveal than June’s Xbox showcase, so that’s where we’ll be hedging our bets.

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Shattered Space is quite possibly Bethesda’s most important piece of DLC ever. Starfield has landed with the reputational consistency of vegemite – you either love it or you hate it. We predicted at the beginning of the year that Shattered Space will either make or break the game’s long-term reputation, so here’s hoping it goes inexplicably hard.

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