Starfield will be at Gamescom thanks to VASCO the robot

Starfield probably won't be showcasing anything new at Gamescom this month, but at least its friendly, endearing robot companion VASCO will be there

Starfield companion VASCO: A bi-pedal robot walks across the surface of a planet with a space ship above him and a bright sun in the background

For those of you thirsty for more Starfield information or updates on the Starfield release date, you’ll be saddened to learn that you won’t be getting any of that at Gamescom this month. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a little Starfield tidbit from Keighley’s Trailer Emporium during Opening Night Live, but Bethesda will not have a proper presence at the conference itself, despite Xbox being there.

However, if you are going to be on the ground in Cologne, there will be one tiny bit of Starfield-ness that you can get excited about, and that’s a photo op with one of the Starfield companions. According to an Xbox Wire blog post, alongside trying out Xbox Game Studios titles like Grounded and Sea of Thieves, you can also “take a selfie with Starfield’s robot companion, VASCO.”

VASCO, a refurbished robot used as an assistant to Constellation explorers in Starfield, picks up where Fallout 4’s endearing robot companion, Codsworth, left off. The charming droid was the first companion to be revealed all the way back in April 2022, and will likely become one of the most popular Starfield characters.

Other onsite activations from Xbox at Gamescom sound rather less appealing than a quick selfie with VASCO. These include “walking the plank” with Sea of Thieves, or saying hi with a 17-feet-wide replica of Broodmother, the terrifying spider boss from Grounded.

So even though the chances of getting more info on Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG are minimal, at least there’ll be a little something there to satiate those who are excited for its release next year.

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