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What is the Starfield Xbox fps?

If you're wondering what the Starfield Xbox fps will be when Bethesda's open world space game comes arrives on consoles, look no further.

Starfield Xbox FPS: A player can be seen

What is the Starfield Xbox fps? Bethesda’s upcoming space game is shaping up to be one of if not the biggest game of a generation – at least in terms of how much there is to explore. Considering the sheer scale of the game, and Bethesda’s track record with console performance, it’s unsurprising that fans want to know what the Starfield frame rate and resolution is going to be when it finally arrives on Xbox Series XS and PC.

As we hurtle at Lightspeed towards the Starfield release date, we’re already anticipating it to be one of the best Xbox open-world games out there – it might not be so bold to say one of the best Xbox games overall. Of course, when it does finally launch, we’ll be hoping that the Starfield frame rate remains consistent enough to be enjoyed across the galaxy.

Starfield Xbox fps

The Starfield fps is confirmed to be 30fps for Xbox Series X, and 30fps for Xbox Series S. This means there is no difference between the two consoles. However, resolution will differ as the Xbox Series X will output up to 4K, while the Xbox Series X will output up to 1440p.

Though some may be disappointed to hear that Starfield is locked to 30fps at its highest resolutions, game director Todd Howard says this is to ensure its “fidelity” is maintained. “We don’t ever want to sacrifice that experience that makes our games really, really special”, Howard tells IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey in an interview following the 2023 Starfield Direct.

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While Bethesda has chosen to “lock it” at 30fps on Xbox consoles, Starfield’s PC frame rate might be a different story. In the IGN interview, Howard reveals that the developer has managed to “get [Starfield] running way above that, sometimes at 60[fps]”, and while he doesn’t confirm that those on PC will definitely be able to achieve this at launch, it seems likely. For more on PC performance, check out the Starfield system requirements.

And that’s all we have on the Starfield frame rate for now. With Starfield pre-orders now live, be sure to check out the editions available. We’re personally all over that Constellation Edition Starfield watch. Alternatively, if you’re still making up your mind, then be sure to familiarize yourself with the Starfield planets and Starfield cities. This way you get a better idea of what there is to explore.