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Star Wars Outlaws weapons

Take a look at all the Star Wars Outlaws weapons we’ve seen so far, from old favorites to exciting new additions in Ubisoft’s Star Wars open world game.

Star Wars Outlaws weapons: Kay holding her blaster at the ready.

The Star Wars universe has a huge arsenal of unique and iconic weapons, from the DL-44 blaster pistol to the A300 blaster rifle and, of course, lightsabers. However, what can we expect in Outlaws? Well, we’ve got you covered with all the Star Wars Outlaws weapons we’ve seen so far.

Star Wars Outlaws will no doubt have plenty of weapons to learn the ins and outs of once the Star Wars Outlaws release date arrives. While you wait, check out the best Xbox Star Wars games and best PS5 Star Wars games you can already play right now.

Star Wars Outlaws weapons

Here are all the Star Wars Outlaws weapons we’ve seen so far:

  • Kay’s blaster pistol
  • A300 blaster rifle

So far, we’ve only seen two weapons in Star Wars Outlaws, Kay’s personal blaster pistol and the A300 blaster rifle.

Interestingly, weapons look to work in a unique way in Star Wars Outlaws, with Kay’s blaster always being available, while other weapons you pick up can’t be held onto permanently. This is suggested when Kay’s cute companion Nix gives Kay the A300 blaster rifle, which looks to be a high-powered ‘pickup’ type weapon, as it doesn’t replace the icon of her personal blaster.

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Furthermore, Star Wars Outlaws weapons are also based on weapon charge, rather than finite ammo. If you fire too much without a break, your weapon will become overheated and be unable to be fired for a short duration.

Star Wars Outlaws weapons: Kay swapping to a different blaster module in combat.

Kay’s blaster pistol

Kay’s personal blaster pistol looks to be a permanent weapon in her arsenal, and boasts at least three different blaster modules – stun, blaster, and focused – which can be switched on the fly. In the Ubisoft Forward 2023 Star Wars Outlaws gameplay trailer, we see Kay swap between blaster modules and modes to adapt to the situation as she goes.

Star Wars Outlaws weapons: Kay using the A300 blaster rifle against a group of enemies.

A300 blaster rifle

The A300 blaster rifle is a high-power laser rifle with a fast rate of fire. We see Kay use this weapon after she commands Nix to collect it from a defeated enemy. This weapon will likely be good in close range and against more resilient opponents.

That’s all the Star Wars Outlaws weapons we’ve seen so far. With how strong the gameplay trailer looked, it’s possible that Star Wars Outlaws could make its way onto the best RPG games list. Nevertheless, in the meantime, check out the other exciting upcoming Xbox games and upcoming PS5 games on the horizon.