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Is Star Wars Outlaws canon?

Find out if Star Wars Outlaws is canon and whether or not we will see any cameos or guest appearances from well-known faces during the original trilogy era.

Star Wars Outlaws Canon: Kay can be seen

With Star Wars Outlaws offering the first expansive open-world Star Wars game, it has a long history of storylines, characters, and worlds to draw from. As such you may be wondering is Star Wars Outlaws canon?

Recently a number of the best Xbox Star Wars games and best PS5 Star Wars games have been tied into the lore and world of the universe Lucasfilm has crafted over several decades. And, with a lot riding on Star Wars Outlaws to deliver, Massive Entertainment would be smart to bring in some characters or plant some easter eggs that properly situate the game in the universe and tie it into already existing storylines.

Is Star Wars Outlaws canon?

Star Wars Outlaws is almost certainly canon. While this hasn’t been confirmed by Ubisoft, the publisher highlighted that it takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and all the other Star Wars games in the last decade have been canon. As such, Outlaws likely is too. 

Additionally, the gameplay demo for the game meant big news for book fans of Star Wars when it comes to Star Wars Outlaws. Akiva was showcased in the demo and it originally featured in the Star Wars Aftermath novel and featured some well-known characters and clans voiced by familiar faces to create a great Star Wars Outlaws voice actors list.

With such a big connection, we could be seeing some cameos, but other planets have been thought to have been seen Canto Bight and in the gameplay demo.

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That covers whether or not Star Wars Outlaws is canon and what we know right now. The game has a strong chance of becoming one of the best RPG games, so if you want to catch up on what we know so far, then our Star Wars Outlaws release date guide roundup has information on gameplay, the story, and when it is coming out.