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Star Wars Outlaws planets

The Star Wars Outlaws planets will see Kay Vess and friends chart a course from Akiva to Tatooine and beyond when the open-world game arrives on PS5 and Xbox.

Star Wars Outlaws planets: an image of Kay Vess with her hand above her eyes

What are the Star Wars Outlaws planets? From the tropical climate of Akiva to the coarse, rough sands of Tatooine, Kay Vess and her compatriots will have plenty of ground to cover when the Star Wars Outlaws planets become discoverable on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

With Star Wars Outlaws being the first open-world game in the legendary franchise, fans will be expecting not only a suitably-sized catalog of planets to explore, but deeply-detailed worlds that are befitting of their stature within its lore. Will you be able to fight off bandits using the Star Wars Outlaws weapons in the shady undercity of Coruscant? Or will you be able to zoom through the forests of Endor when the Star Wars Outlaws release date rolls around? Read on to find out more about all the confirmed and teased Star Wars Outlaws planets.

Star Wars Outlaws planets

Here are the Star Wars Outlaws planets:

  • Akiva
  • Cantonica
  • Kijimi
  • Tatooine
  • Toshara

Star Wars Outlaws planets: an image of the planet Akiva in space from the open world RPG


First featured in the Star Wars Aftermath novel trilogy, Akiva is a location that sees quite a bit of action involving Norra Wexley – mother of Sequel Trilogy character Snap Wexley – and characters like Sinjir Velus, Jas Emari, and the infamous Karyvin clan.

Akiva is a remote Outer Rim planet – once part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems – that was home to a large droid factory during The Clone Wars. Now, though, during the events of Star Wars Outlaws, it’s under Imperial control by the Satrapy of Myrra – a public figurehead of the oppression of the Galactic Empire.

We certainly can’t wait to explore the sprawling catacombs running under the capital city of Myrra – should they become accessible to players.

Star Wars Outlaws planets: Cantonica


If you watched The Last Jedi, then you would have witnessed Finn and Rose’s escapades in the casino city of Canto Bight. Similarly to Tatooine, Cantonica is a desert planet that originally welcomed smugglers and ne’er do wells looking for a place to hide. Eventually, Canto Bight was constructed, attracting the rich and powerful from across the Corporate Sector and beyond with promises of big payouts (and shady deals) aplenty.

While Kay and co. may end up wrapped up in other business on Cantonica, we’d expect to see developer Massive Entertainment integrate a gambling minigame or two into their time in Canto Bight.

Star Wars Outlaws planets: Kijimi


The frozen tundras of Kijimi may no longer exist as of The Rise of Skywalker, but prior to its destruction at the tyrannous hand of the First Order the mountainous planet became a haven for criminal behavior, following the fall of the Galactic Empire.

Of course, the Galactic Empire is still thriving in Star Wars Outlaws. But while we won’t see the likes of Zorii Bliss and her spicerunners, there’s every chance that her mother, Zeva, could make an appearance seeing as she preceded Zorii as the leader of the Spice Runners of Kijimi.

Star Wars Outlaws planets: Tatooine


You must be living the life of a cave-dwelling hermit to not know of Tatooine – arguably the most iconic planet in the entire Star Wars galaxy. The birthplace of Anakin Skywalker, and the planet on which his son, Luke Skywalker, was raised, Tatooine is populated by vast deserts stretching from pole to pole.

After the planet’s mining operations dried up, Tatooine became a literal hotbed for smugglers and other undesirables. To survive here, bartering with the local populace – especially the sand-crawling Jawas – is a must-have skill.

Considering the fact that Outlaws takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, it’d be a shock to not hear some sort of chatter regarding a certain young former-apprentice moisture farmer’s exploits across the galaxy.

Star Wars Outlaws planets: Toshara


“Built from the ground up with the scoundrel fantasy at its beating heart”, Toshara is a brand new addition to the Star Wars galaxy. An arid moon located in the Toshaal system, Toshara is a hive of scum and villainy which betrays the fact it exists under Imperial control. With corruption running deep through its Amberite veins, it’s no wonder that Kay Vess and co. find themselves here.

You can check out footage from Toshara in the June 2023 gameplay walkthrough below:

YouTube Thumbnail

According to associate art director Marthe Jonkers, developer Massive Entertainment wanted to add some elements to the Tanzania-inspired planet that would make it unique within the Star Wars galaxy. These include its windswept plains, the aforementioned Amberite veins, and the rocky, wind-chiseled city of Murugana.

And those are all the Star Wars Outlaws planets that we currently know about. If you want to know more about the Star Wars Outlaws cast, be sure to check out our guide.

Is this going to be one of the best PS5 Star Wars games out there? Maybe even one of the best Xbox Star Wars games available? Well, we don’t know for certain – but, it certainly looks very good. Hell, it could even be one of the best games of all time if you’re a fan – and we’re big fans here at The Loadout. See you around, space cowfolk.