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Star Wars FPS could see Apex Legends devs revive iconic Jedi Knight

We don't know a whole lot about the Star Wars FPS from Respawn Entertainment, but a new set of job listings from the battle royale dev has teased something big.

Star Wars FPS Kyle Katarn teaser entertainment Dark Forces Jedi Knight: an image of Kyle Katarn from a Star Wars mobile game

We know a lot of you might just see Respawn Entertainment as the studio behind Apex Legends and the (now seemingly dead) FPS franchise Titanfall, but this is also the studio behind Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, the upcoming Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and a currently unnamed FPS game set in the Star Wars universe. Information is scarce when it comes to that last one, but a few job listings online have seemingly confirmed the setting of this Star Wars FPS from Respawn Entertainment – and, of course, there’s a lot to be excited about.

First spotted by Exputer on the professional networking site LinkedIn, it looks like Respawn Entertainment is hiring for a number of roles related to its upcoming Star Wars FPS game.

For the most part, the job description is full of the sort of language you’d expect. However, there is one section that seemingly confirms that this upcoming Star Wars FPS is going to be set in the Age of Rebellion, an era largely covered by the Original Trilogy of Star Wars movies – alongside the Star Wars Battlefront 2 narrative and the tail end of the animated series Star Wars Rebels.

Do you want to know how we know this? Well, this little section about the upcoming Star Wars FPS is hidden away in this LinkedIn job listing from Respawn Entertainment for a Rendering Engineer to work on the upcoming Star Wars FPS.

“In collaboration with Lucasfilm, the Star Wars FPS Team is developing a new AAA FPS in the Star Wars galaxy. Inspired by classic titles like Dark Forces and Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2, our story-driven single player game is being developed from the ground up leveraging the power of Unreal Engine 5.”

Now, we all know that Unreal Engine 5 is an exciting tool to be using – just take a look at the fact that UEFN already peaks with this epic Fortnite GTA San Andreas Grove Street map. However, as interesting as that is as information, it pales in comparison to the fact that we could very-well be seeing the iconic Kyle Katarn – a figure you might remember from a few Star Wars games released in the late-nineties and early-noughties.

If you’re an avid Star Wars fan, you’ll know full well that Kyle Katarn is the protagonist of the Star Wars Jedi Knight series; however, he’s also the protagonist of the Dark Forces games – of which two are going to inspire the upcoming Star Wars FPS from Respawn Entertainment.

Kyle Katarn, in Dark Forces, is a former Imperial officer who dabbles in mercenary work for the Rebel Alliance before becoming more involved in the struggle against The Empire. Throughout this, he learns that he has the ability to train as a Jedi and – after a bit of back and forth between the Dark and the Light – settles on becoming an instructor in the Jedi Academy created by Luke Skywalker.

With Disney retconning a lot of the now-named ‘Legends’ content from Star Wars canon, there’s no telling where Kyle Katarn fits in now. However, Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars FPS game could be about to explore that – and we’re here for it. This complex character is one that has fallen by the wayside, alongside characters like Mara Jade and the Solo children. However, we could very-well see some of them return in the future – and we’re very ready for Kyle Katarn to be thrown back into the spotlight.

If you want to know who this guy is, check out this quick explainer from the aptly named Star Wars Explained below:

YouTube Thumbnail

However, that’s all speculation. For now, all we know is that these games are serving as inspiration for the Star Wars FPS game – and that suggests it’s going to be an experience where players are dodging Stormtrooper blaster fire, on top of everything else.

Is this going to be one of the best PS5 Star Wars games and the best Xbox Star Wars games out there? Only time will tell, but it does sound like it could be. There are Respawn Star Wars FPS rumours suggesting galactic multiplayer is coming, too.

Either way, while we wait, you can check out the latest on the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date – and a few things you may have missed from the latest trailer – right here. There’s a lot more Star Wars content coming to consoles, and we’re so excited.