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7 things you may have missed in Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s new trailer

A new Star Wars Jedi Survivor story trailer has dropped and it's packed with interesting insights and hidden details fans of Star Wars might have missed out on.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor story trailer hidden details: an image of BD-1 and Cal from the video

“Well, whaddya know”, as the great Dexter Jettster would say, a brand new trailer for Respawn Entertainment’s hotly anticipated Star Wars Jedi Survivor has just dropped and it’s everything fans of A Galaxy Far, Far Away could ask for when it comes to teasing the next chapter of Cal Kestis’ story. As you might already know, if you’ve watched the newly released story trailer, it has been confirmed that both Greez Dritus and Merrin – two fan-favourite characters from Jedi Fallen Order – will be returning in the 2023 sequel. However, that’s not everything. If you’re not prepared to scrub through each frame at a fraction of normal speed, here’s a few of the main things you might have missed in this new Star Wars Jedi Survivor story trailer and what they could mean.

First things first, let’s take it from the top – well, around 00:20 seconds into the story trailer linked below if you’re looking to follow along. For a brief moment, after we see Cal arriving in Coruscant airspace in the Stinger Mantis – and subsequently fighting a Purge Trooper and some Imperial Stormtroopers on a landing platform – we see Cal fighting side-by-side with a handful of people.

In this moment, Cal’s story trailer voice-over says “we’ve tried to resist” and it’s clear that the Jedi is fighting against an Imperial Patrol Transport – or LAAT/le Patrol Gunship if you’re trying to get technical. If you’re an avid Star Wars fan, you would have seen these ships before; but, for everyone else, these are essentially gunships used by law enforcement on Coruscant and elsewhere.

What makes this moment interesting, though, is who Cal is fighting alongside against this Imperial Patrol Transport – of which we see several times throughout the story trailer. As you can see below, it looks like Cal is actually fighting with members of the Coruscant Security Force – or, at least, a cell of insurgents using Coruscant Security Force uniforms. Albeit not as vibrant, the yellow pauldrons and the arch design on the armour’s chest piece seem almost identical to what we’ve seen from the Coruscant Security Force in the past.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor hidden secrets: an image of Cal and a Coruscant Security officer from the video game

We aren’t going to assume what this means, but the Coruscant Security Force is often aligned with the Imperial Security Bureau and the Galactic Empire. So, Cal could be fighting alongside a Rebel cell that has formed on this Core World – rather than the Coruscant Security Force as a whole.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor hidden secrets: an image of Coruscant Security from The Clone Wars animated series

Interestingly, as pointed out by eagle-eyed Star Wars fan ‘thisislawliet‘ online, it looks like we could see the return of the Ninth Sister in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. This Dowutin Inquisitor is one of the main antagonists in Jedi Fallen Order and – despite defeat at the hands of Cal Kestis – could be someone back with a vengeance in this upcoming action-adventure game.

We know it’s a little blurry, but you can check out the screenshot for yourself below and be your own judge.

[SPOILER] Is this who I think it is?
by u/thisislawliet in FallenOrder

The next moment worth talking about is at around 00:30 in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor story trailer, a short scene where we see an unfortunate figure receeding from an armoured assailant and two painted B-1 Battle Droids.

We can’t say for certain, but there’s talk online that this moment could very-well be taking place on Batuu, an Outer Rim planet we’re starting to see appear more and more in Star Wars media – and famous for being the location of the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge attraction at Walt Disney World.

We know this sounds like it might be a stretch, but this could be a great way to further cement Batuu in the Star Wars universe outside of novels and comic books. It’s a place that we’re seeing a lot in High Republic era content, which could be vital if what we think is going on in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is true – but more on that in a moment.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor hidden secrets: an image of an armoured figure and two droids infront of a building from the game

You can check out a screenshot of the scene in question and an image of Batuu in Galaxy’s Edge and make your own conclusion, but it’s hard to deny that there aren’t some architectural similarities there – and, the strange spires in the background seem somewhat similar, too.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor hidden secrets: an image of Batuu concept art from the official site

Next up, we have to talk Greezy Money. Everyone’s favourite Latero is back in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and we couldn’t be happier. However, in the short moment with Greez we’re gifted, you might have missed that he’s actually lost an arm in the five years since we saw him last.

Now, we know Merrin jokes about that in Jedi Fallen Order, but we can’t quite believe it’s happened. If you want to know more about this, though, Sam Maggs, author of Star Wars Jedi Battle Scars has teased that this mystery – and more about “where Merrin got that idea for that sick mullet” –  is explained in the tie-in novel.

Still, while we can’t help but feel sorry for Greez, we do think it looks like he’s doing quite well for himself. So, we’re sure everything is fine.

Anyway, the next thing you may have missed in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor story trailer can be spotted very briefly at the one-minute mark. On the left of the screen, as Cal is shown to be using some sort of grappling hook, we see a TIE Fighter flying alongside a Vulture Droid and what could be a Z-95 Headhunter.

We know we’re going to be going toe-to-toe with some Battle Droids in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, but the fact that a Vulture Droid is flying about suggests that we might just be seeing a bit more from the Confederacy of Independent Systems than first let-on. It’s hard to tell what’s going to happen from what we’ve seen, and this is set quite a few years after the end of the Clone Wars, but remnants of the Separatist Alliance have been popping up elsewhere for a while. So, this could very-well be a fully realised Separatist State we’re dealing with – we just don’t know yet.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor story trailer hidden details: an image of Cal jumping across a gap with a grappling hook in-game

As for the Z-95 Headhunter? Well, that one’s for the space petrolheads among you. This starfighter isn’t something we’ve seen a lot in Star Wars media, but it’s quite important given the role it plays in the Clone Wars and as a pre-cursor to the T-65B X-Wing.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor story trailer hidden details: a close up of several starships from the trailer

Finally, though, we have to talk about the mysterious blue-skinned robed character we meet yet-again in this Star Wars Jedi Survivor story trailer. In this instance, of which he appears at around the 01:01 mark, we get a better look at his robes alongside confirmation that he has a lightsaber. He also says “how could you let the Galaxy fall to this unworthy machine of an Empire” to Cal while dropping a Stormtrooper helmet at his feet.

Star Wars fans have assumed that this character is some sort of Jedi for a long time, but what we didn’t know was that this character appears to be a High Republic era Jedi. If you’re not sure why we think this, you can actually see the High Republic crest motif in gold on the front of his robes – just above his belt.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor story trailer hidden details: an image of a mysterious Jedi in High Republic era robes

What does the fact that this character is from the High Republic era mean for Jedi Survivor? Well, we can only imagine something very interesting. When you consider the fact that this era was considered a golden age for the Jedi Order and a period of great peace for the galaxy as a whole, it’s easy to understand why they might be quite angry at the idea of a Galactic Empire ruling with force and fear.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor story trailer hidden details: the high republic crest logo

However, you have to wonder whether this character will remain an antagonistic force to Cal and his crew or not as the narrative progresses. We have seen this character with Rayvis, a Gen’dai warrior who appears to be one of the antagonists in Jedi Survivor. As Gen’dai are often seen in Star Wars as hundreds of years old, and Rayvis is in league with the Bedlam Raiders, we could see this character using the naivete of our High Republic era friend to turn him against Cal where he otherwise wouldn’t.

Adding to this, another eagle-eyed fan by the name of ‘Robinz_games‘ seems to have spotted series newcome Bode in the aforementioned scene – and they’re standing off to the side, nearer the mysterious High Repiblic era Jedi than they are to Cal. Coincidence, or a sign that Bode isn’t the good guy we think he is? Well, only time will tell, but here’s your evidence.

Is bode a Bad guy! (New trailer)
by u/Robinz_games in FallenOrder

Yeah, it’s certainly a little suspect. But, we’d like to think Bode is just there as moral support – as opposed to being an additional antagonist.

YouTube Thumbnail

Pre-order the game today so you’ll be able to see how all of these things play out in the finished release:

But, ultimately, we need to wait for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date for more information. We can only imagine this is going to be full of exciting and interesting surprises. We already know that Star Wars Jedi Survivor has confirmed Merrin is back with an exciting twist, after all. For more on all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters and how Jedi Survivor channels Dead Space with this missing Star Wars JFO feature here.