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What is the Redfall endgame?

What is the Redfall endgame? If you are about to wrap up your playthrough of the game, you may be wondering what else there is to do on Xbox and PC.

Redfall Endgame: Jacob can be seen sniping

A proper endgame for looter shooters is often the real meat on the bones of this type of experience. But, is there a Redfall endgame to look forward to after you have finished the story missions and defeated all the vampire gods?

Below, you can take a deep dive into how the game ends and if you can revisit and complete any objectives. Alternatively, with several save slots you can always pick the best Redfall character in the game or choose one of the other Redfall characters and experience their suite of abilities and overall playstyle.

What is the Redfall endgame?

Redfall does not have any endgame content at all. When you beat all the Redfall missions, the game will end and you will have to start over from the beginning again.

Arkane has previously said that Redfall isn’t an ongoing game in the typical sense and follows their previous games with a firm endpoint. But, it is surprising as there are a lot of side objectives you can complete while playing. However, you reach two Redfall point of no return spots throughout the game, including the credits and once you get there, you can’t return to the first Redfall map or complete any of the side content you may have missed.

This is one of just many strange decisions in Redfall, as we say in our full Redfall review. The game is not in a great state structure-wise, and this is one of just many aspects that feel odd.

However, despite no Redfall endgame, there is still quite a bit for you to do in the town. But, make sure to finish that before the end of the main story. For even more guides on the game, be sure to check out our Redfall walkthrough for the game.