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Is Redfall crossplay and crossplatform?

Are you looking for a guide on Redfall crossplay and crossplatform support? Here is what we know and if the feature is planned for the shooter.

Redfall Crossplay: A player can be seen holding a gun and looking at a large heart

Redfall is a fully multiplayer game, allowing you to hop in with your friends from your single-player game and vice versa. But, if you do opt to play with your friends will you be able to join them on other platforms thanks to Redfall crossplay?

Below, you can find the answer to that as well as more details about Redfall multiplayer which is a core part of the game, although you can play it on your own as well. If you are also looking to make your choice before jumping into Redfall when it comes to what character you want to play, our Redfall characters guide provides a full overview of all four choices.

Is Redfall crossplay and crossplatform?

Redfall has full crossplay between players on Steam, the Epic Games Store, the Microsoft Store, and Xbox. This was confirmed by the Redfall Twitter account.

With Redfall on Game Pass at launch as well, it does make sense for crossplay to be available, especially between the console and Microsoft Store, which has been present in other games from the publisher. With the Redfall release date almost here, we can’t wait to get stuck into the game and see what Arkane has been cooking up.

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