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Good luck buying the PS5 Slim disc drive, it’s already selling out

If you were considering buying the new PS5 Slim model, be wary, as Sony's PS5 Slim disc drive is beginning to sell out online quickly.

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Ever since the days of the PS2, Sony continues to introduce a compact variant of its flagship console, and that tradition remains the same with the new PS5 Slim model. Taking the power of the standard PS5 and freeing up some much-needed space in your setup, you can also choose to get a PS5 Slim disc drive to play your physical games and Blu-ray movies if needed. However, you’ll need to be tactical about it, as stock for the handy accessory is disappearing fast.

Sony is still playing it coy when it comes to an exact PS5 Slim release date, but stock for the latest PS5 console is available online to pre-order. To play all the new PS5 games you own on disc, whether it Spider-Man 2 or Modern Warfare 3, the optional disc drive needs to be installed. Though, retailers such as Best Buy are already reporting low stock levels, going as far as to sell out completely at present. As the console is fresh into the console market, retailers stocking the PS5 Slim model or the PS5 Slim disc drive are few and far between.

You’ll have better luck acquiring the actual console itself with a disc drive pre-installed, which is included in different configurations like the MW3 PS5 bundle. Official listings for the disc drive on retailers such as Amazon are yet to be detailed, but we speculate these listings will be instated within the coming weeks as the holiday period approaches.

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While it is handy for playing physical copies of the best PS5 games around, there is a caveat to be aware of, as the PS5 disc drive does require a sturdy internet connection to function. We’re still waiting to see the array of PS5 Slim plates become available, as it’d be nice to customize it beyond the standard colorway it ships with.

Interestingly, the PlayStation Direct store still doesn’t feature the disc drive either, despite hosting an option to purchase the console outright. It is nice to see the disc drive considered for this PS5 model, as it could easily become of the best PS5 accessories down the line for those holding onto discs of their favorite titles.

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With access to free PS Plus games and a growing PS Plus subscriber count, the pivot to digital focused gaming is strong. We still love a nifty physical version of a game, though. Let’s hope that GTA 6 still bundles in a map of the world, like Rockstar Games previously has with Red Dead Redemption 2 and the older GTA titles.