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Payday 3 player sets world record on PS5 within 24 hours of release

Payday 3 is barely out of early access on PS5 and Xbox, but one savvy heister is already the holder of a Payday 3 world record when it comes to trophies.

Payday 3 PS5 platinum world record

The wait is over for Payday 2 fans, as Starbreeze Studios finally releases Payday 3 into the world on PS5, Xbox, and PC. Some players are already enjoying the thrill of a good heist, having played the game during in its recent early access period. Yet, within hours of the game’s official release, the developer catches wind of a player setting a world record.

There are 22 trophies to acquire in Payday 3, but they aren’t exactly easy to get. Well, that’s unless you are Payday player ‘PerezOG_’ – the world’s first Payday 3 player to get them all already. “You guys are crazy! Before the official launch, ‘PerezOG_’ manages to be the first heister to claim the Platinum trophy in Payday 3,” confirms Starbreeze Studios on the game’s social media channels.

The Platinum trophy was earned in the early hours of Thursday, September 21, 2023, but it is unknown what region the player hails from. Nevertheless, we can see that other trophies were earned during the game’s early access period, which began on Monday, September 18, 2023. It is an impressive grind, considering how many of the game’s trophies require you to complete Payday 3 heists on Hard or Overkill difficulty.

Payday 3 PS5 platinum

Issues like the Payday 3 servers down problem have made this hard too, adding to the merit of this player’s world record. According to PSNProfiles, Payday 3’s Platinum trophy current sits under the ‘Ultra Rare’ tier, with only 0.1% of players having acquired it. Some of the trickiest trophies include ‘Smash and Grab’. This one tasks players with completing the Dirty Ice heist in 120 or less.

Dirty Ice moves the action to a jewelry store on the streets of New York City, with loads of pedestrians and guards to avoid. However, this isn’t proving to be a challenge for more experienced Payday community members, as YouTuber ‘Haderaxe’ manages to clear the entire heist in a solo run, in under 11 minutes – on Overkill difficulty.

Overkill difficulty activates modifiers such as indestructible security cameras and a lead security guard with endless radio spawns. With such a high understand of all the Payday 3 skills, it is no wonder that Haderaxe is managing to bag Payday 3 C-Stacks easily.

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You can give it a go yourself, just as long as you’ve got the best Payday 3 weapons equipped before you head out there. Don’t squad up alone, either, because Payday 3 Game Pass options can bring your team together for the perfect heist.