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How to get and earn C-Stacks in Payday 3

Payday 3 C-Stacks are another way to flaunt your hard earned cash in the PS5 and Xbox FPS, here's what you need to know about C-Stacks and how to use them.

Payday 3 c-stacks

What are the Payday 3 C-Stacks? You’ll be earning piles of money so tall you’ll reach the highest NYC skyscrapers in Payday 3. Don’t just sit around and let it go to waste, though. Payday 3 C-Stacks are ready for you to gather in the Starbreeze Studios shooter, but you might not necessarily know how to get them or how to put them to good use.

Once you’ve put together a lean, mean squad in Payday 3, the next step is to conquer one of the many Payday 3 heists available. Aside from using the best Payday 3 skills, looking the part is just as important and you will need C-Stacks to do that.

How to earn C-Stacks in Payday 3

You can get C-Stacks in Payday 3 by completing Career Challenges or spending in-game cash to purchase C-Stacks at Setaggi’s Vendor on the main menu.

These Career Challenges are essentially milestones that can be completed at any time. Should you complete all the Career Challenges, you’ll earn a total of 715 C-Stacks to spend. This information was obtained during our Payday 3 review playthrough which we are currently engaging in.

C-Stacks in Payday 3 are a secondary currency in the game, that is essentially a form of cryptocurrency in the Payday universe. Unlike cash rewards for completing heists, you won’t immediately get C-Stacks. The in-game description details that “C-Stacks are encrypted currency inside CRIME.NET.”

The latter is an in-universe database that allows the Payday gang to coordinate their heists, as well as access vendors to buy the best Payday 3 weapons or clothing.

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There is a caveat for buying C-Stacks, though. Not only are they quite pricey, the more you buy, the worse the ‘exchange rate’ becomes for them. Should you buy an exuberant amount of them, you’ll need to wait until the weekly timer has reset to get a better exchange rate. Be warned, though, as once you’ve bought C-Stacks you won’t be able to convert it back into cash.

payday 3 c-stacks exchange rate

How to use C-Stacks in Payday 3

To use C-Stacks in Payday 3, you’ll need to head to the Vendors section on the main menu. From there, you can spend them only on cosmetic items marked with the C-Stacks logo. At present, only specific weapon presets or gloves/charms can be purchased with C-Stacks. However, you need to be at a high enough level to unlock these items first.

Payday 3 c-stacks

That’s all you need to know about Payday 3 C-Stacks and how you can grab them for yourself. So don’t hesitate to start spending them next time you load into one of the best co-op games around to play.