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Payday 3 early access stats reveal odd fact about player activities

There's a new criminal dawn happening with Payday 3 early access, and developer Starbreeze Studios reveals that players are executing heists like true pros.

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After a decade of Payday 2 heists, Starbreeze Studios takes players on a fresh criminal adventure in Payday 3. Though the actual Payday 3 release date hasn’t arrived just yet, you can join other heisters right now – if you’ve got Payday 3 early access, that is. While you might be expecting heists to go awry quickly, new statistics reveal that players are handling each mission efficiently.

“[Here’s] a quick look into what kind of chaos you’ve been causing during the first day of Play Early. Well heisted, heisters,” a recent post on Payday 3’s social media details. The post is accompanied by a handy little graphic that highlight player feats, and it seems Starbreeze is surprised just how good new and returning heisters are: “You guys are pretty good at this whole heisting thing, aren’t ya?”

However, while many of the statistics boast larger numbers, we’re surprised to see that players aren’t laying waste to NPCs. Only 1976 civilians have been eliminated (at the time of posting). While it can be tempting to cause utter chaos with some of the best Payday 3 weapons, it is quite detrimental to your overall cut of loot. If you’re new to Payday, killing non-enemy NPCs will incur a cost for ‘clean up’, so it is wise to keep unnecessary kills to a minimum. After all, we all want a massive heap of cash to fall back on.

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However, throughout all the Payday 3 heists so far, players are decimating enemies. With nearly 330,000 critical shots landed and over 1 billion in cash earned, a total of 1,144,520 enemies have been killed. You’re all merciless. Or you’re just grinding your way superfast to get all the best Payday 3 skills.

It certainly seems that going in loud is the preferred too, as there are just 81,800 successful stealth heists documented on this graphic. Stealth isn’t easy in Payday 3. We found that out first hand when we visited Starbreeze Studios HQ to get hands on in our Payday 3 preview.

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There’s still time to get your Payday 3 preload activated ahead of the game’s official release date, but if you’re playing in early access, you might be encountering some problems. We’ve got everything you need to know about the Payday 3 servers down issue, so you can get back out into the action as soon as possible.