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MultiVersus getting specate feature like Super Smash Bros “very soon”

Do you think MultiVersus needs a spectate feature like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, another fantastic platform brawler? Well, it's going to get it "very soon"

MultiVersus match spectate soon: an image of Classic Harley Quinn on a dark background

Now, we all know Player First Games’ MultiVersus is one of the best fighting games out there right now, but it’s still a work in progress and – to be frank – missing a few features its competitors have. However, that’s going to change – sort of – quite soon. Why? Well, game director Tony Huynh has confirmed that a spectate feature is coming to MultiVersus – and we won’t have to wait long to see it.

When tweeted about how MultiVersus should have lobbies similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate, where players can spectate one another and wait in a queue for a chance to play, Huynh confirmed that some sort of spectate feature was coming to MultiVersus “very soon”.

So, this could be an important part of one of those two “really big” updates we’re waiting for – something that arrives alongside a MultiVersus update to fix broken badges. Oh, and something that coincides with the MultiVersus Black Adam release date. Yeah, we’re still waiting on that.

We know being able to spectate other matches in MultiVersus isn’t really a huge deal for the average player, but it could be a fantastic way for the esports scene to grow at a grassroots level. Not to mention it could also be a fantastic way for players to learn from one another, rather than just watching a video or checking out a list of the best combos.

Matchmaking isn’t too much of an issue right now, but this could help the way players get into games – by introducing a lobby system. It’s something that could also be an important part of MultiVersus’ Ranked system – something we’re still waiting to see get going properly.

However, that’s all speculation. Right now, we don’t know what this new feature is going to look like – only that it’s on the way. If you want to prepare for the next big update, you should check out our MultiVersus tier list right here. You can also check out the latest on the game’s split-screen and co-op features here – if you’re looking to set up local play.