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MultiVersus fans should prepare for two “really big” updates in a row

MultiVersus’ next major update is going to be big and the fighting game’s director has confirmed that the one after is actually going to be pretty huge, too

MultiVersus update two big dev comment: an image of Velma from Scooby Do and Gizmo from Gremlins

If you’re sitting there wondering why Wiz Khalifa thinks he should be MultiVersus’ next fighter, you’re not alone. However, it’s clear that Player First Games’ free-to-play brawler has taken the internet by storm and is quickly becoming one of the best fighting games we’ve played in a long time. However, if you’re someone who thinks MultiVersus’ first Rick nerf wasn’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know that the next two updates coming to the fighting game are going to be massive.

MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh is quite proactive when it comes to updating fans on what’s coming to the fighting game and he has shared that the “next two patches from [Player First Games] are really big” – meaning MultiVersus’ next two updates are going to be pretty substantial.

But, we don’t actually know what that means just yet. A handful of days ago, Huynh announced that a Steam-only client update was released to tackle bugs affecting the performance of perks in Local Play – something we should see arrive on other platforms in the future. Similarly, Huynh once-again referenced the fact that MultiVersus is trying to butter up Toast and offer players more rewards once they have finished the battle pass.

So, that could mean that we’re going to get some sort of advanced challenge system with more ways to earn Toast, coins, and other in-game items and currencies.

Beyond that, however, it’s anyone’s guess as to what is coming to this fighting game. MultiVersus fans on Reddit are under the impression that a Twitter post showing Rick and Garnet exiting a portal is a sign that Steven Universe’s Spinel is going to be announced as a new fighter for the game.

Guys I think I know who might be coming soon… from MultiVersusTheGame

However exciting this would be, we’re still waiting on MultiVersus’ Black Adam release date and MultiVersus’ Stripe release date – another Season 1 character would, we feel, set too unrealistic expectations on the level of content coming to this game in the future.

The argument from fans that this post is actually hinting at the introduction of a stage based on Spinel’s garden from Steven Universe is, we think, much more likely. However, only time will tell what is actually going to be introduced in these two major updates. With October now well underway, we wouldn’t be surprised to see something a little spooky show up at some point, either.