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Wiz Khalifa thinks he should be MultiVersus’ next fighter

It turns out that rapper Wiz Khalifa is a big MultiVersus fan and a Shaggy main - now he's asking Player First to add him to the fighting game

Multiversus Wiz Khalifa: Wiz Khalifa in a black suit and sunglasses set against a picture of the multiversus roster

With the recent release of Rick and Morty’s loveable yet disgraceful scientist Rick Sanchez into MultiVersus, speculation can now get underway as to which well-known character will be hitting the fighting game next. Well, one rather high-profile MultiVersus fan thinks he should be the next brawler to roll onto the roster: Wiz Khalifa.

Yep, it turns out that rapper Wiz Khalifa is rather enjoying Player First Games’ creation, and now he’s asking if he can get added to the fighting game alongside the likes of Superman, Finn, and Shaggy – the latter appears to be Wiz’s main at the moment.

On September 28, the rapper posted some MultiVersus related tweets, one of which reads: “Ima beast wit Taz but I ain’t gon lie Shaggy my favourite right now.” To this, the official MultiVersus account replies, saying that Wiz Khalifa playing the fighting game is truly “the best timeline”.

Now a few days later on September 30, Wiz has responded again, requesting for Player First to “make me on the game”.

While we’re not sure if a Wiz Khalifa-themed kit would fly given MultiVersus is rated a PEGI 12, we have seen plenty of cameos from hip-hop royalty in other games, with Snoop Dogg’s Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone skin a prime example.

In what is either a stroke of marketing genius or a simple coincidence, Wiz Khalifa dropped his seventh studio album ‘Multiverse’ mere days after the July launch of MultiVersus.

It’s safe to say that Wiz Khalifa is not a fighter that’s been highly requested by fans, unlike the likes of Breaking Bad’s Walter White, but the revelation that he’s a big fan of the fighting game has got some in the community excited about the prospect. Even though we’re sure Wiz would love to one day see himself atop our MultiVersus tier list, we don’t think it’ll be happening any time soon…