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MultiVersus’ first Rick nerf arrives just days after release

If you're looking for Rick nerfs, we have you covered - MultiVersus' newest fighter is being altered just days after his addition to the popular fighting game

MultiVersus update Rick nerfs blaster: an image of Rick with a mic on a dark background

There are three guarantees in life at the moment: death, taxes, and MultiVersus updates. Player First Games is constantly working to make this one of the best fighting games ever by balancing this experience for players – but, the latest addition to the MultiVersus patch notes seems a little sudden. MultiVersus’ new fighter Rick (from Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, of course) is being nerfed just 38 hours after being added to the game’s roster. Although, not all is what it seems.

MultiVersus’ game director Tony Huynh has once again taken to Twitter to detail what fans can expect to see in the fighting game’s next update; however, this is going to be an online only update – which means anyone playing in Local matches, or training in The Lab, won’t be subjected to the update.

Additionally, the Rick nerf we’re talking about is being discussed as a bug fix over a nerf. Huynh says that the update is being rolled out “to fix a bug that was causing the Rick blaster to do a lot more damage than intended” alongside an update that should stop “Rick being able to teleport through the wall on Scooby’s Mansion”.

Now, we don’t know what Player First Games did intend with Rick and his unique moves pre-launch, but you have to wonder why being able to teleport through walls is considered an issue. Isn’t that almost the exact point of a teleportation device? We’d like to think so, but we suppose that’s a point of contention not worth discussing right now.

Alongside this Rick nerf, Huynh also confirmed that this online only update will fix Velma’s Ground Up Special move alongside minor nerfs for Morty, Taz, and Gizmo. This update only affects individual moves for each fighter, but that doesn’t mean players who main any one of those mentioned above won’t notice the changes.

Specifically, Taz’s Tasty debuff is going to start sooner, Gizmo’s ally attach is going to have a 15s cooldown going forwards and he’s also going to get knocked off of said allies a lot sooner – with it only taking 7 damage, rather than 10.

How will this affect our MultiVersus tier list? We’re not so sure yet. We haven’t quite decided where Rick sits in the meta, but it looks like whatever we decide on could change in the coming days and weeks. Player First Games has already nerfed Rick’s blaster and we dread to think what’s next.