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MultiVersus’ assassin damage passive could get “removed entirely”

The latest MultiVersus patch notes reveal buffs to assassins, but there could be further changes down the line as a passive may get removed completely

Multiversus assassin changes: Arya Stark and Finn imposed onto a blurred image of the entire Multiversus roster

The MultiVersus assassin class is home to fast and tricky characters like Arya Stark, Finn, and Harley Quinn. It’s also a class that’s a little more demanding than some of the other options because they innately take more damage, and are generally quite easy to kill off.

However, that looks like it’s changing substantially. In the latest MultiVersus patch notes, alongside a bunch of small tweaks and changes to a few different characters, the assassins undoubtedly received the most notable change, because the entire class is changing.

The assassin passive previously meant that they’d take extra damage from everything, to the tune of 14%. That means they’re easier to wrack up damage on than other MultiVersus classes, and we assumed the aim was to make up for their speed and attack strength. However, this buff has that changing to a 5% increase in damage taken instead.

That’s a sizeable change as it is, but there’s more. “We’re evaluating if this passive should be removed entirely,” the patch notes read. “We want to take a step towards that while trying to not to go too far too fast. We don’t want to create an assassin dominated meta.” A lot of players have already been complaining about the likes of Finn anyway, so these changes could have a huge impact.

On the plus side for Game of Thrones fans, given that this follows the last patch buffing Arya Stark fairly substantially, this could push her up the MultiVersus tier list even further. We’ll have to wait and see how much of a difference Morty makes to the whole equation, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Arya rise into the S-tier.

With all of these new changes, take some solace in the fact that we still know the best MultiVersus perks you should be aiming for when building your favourite character. Some things never change… at least until we get the next patch.