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MultiVersus best perks to use in each category

Are you looking for the best perks in MultiVersus? Here are picks for what you should be using when you unlock Perk Training and can customise your build more

MultiVersus Best Perks: Batman, Bugs, Arya, Shaggy, Steven, Finn, and Reindog can be seen standing alongside one another.

MultiVersus has a lot of different characters, but their true potential isn’t truly unlocked until you have picked and chosen the strongest perks to use. Each character thrives in different ways, but there are some key perks that you should always try to use when they are available. This article will cover those best perks in MultiVersus, so you know which ones to equip instantly.

These perk choices are also worth reading through as when you unlock Perk Training you can use them on virtually any character really customising a perfect build for the character of your choice. Even if they rank lower on our MultiVersus tier list, the perks you use can change how a character plays! They may even allow you to climb the MultiVersus ranks in ranked mode.

Read below for our suggestions for the best perks in MultiVersus!

MultiVersus best perks

Here are our eight recommendations for the best MultiVersus perks below:

Make It Rain Dog – Offence Perk

Your team receives 20% increased projectile speed. 

Our first perk choice for the best perks in MultiVersus is ‘Make It Rain Dog!’. This should benefit almost any character as most have a projectile that will be more effective with this equipped.

Wildcat Brawler – Offence Perk

Your team deals 5% increased damage with melee attacks on the ground.

Most characters will be on the ground more often than not so this damage boost is super handy and makes it worth equipping for almost anyone.

Second Wind Beneath Your WIngs – Offence Perk

Your team refreshes air special attacks after ringing out an enemy.

Second Wind Beneath Your Wings is one of the more specialist perks on this list. However, the refreshing of air specials particularly works for Assassins who can carry on combo chains or allow you to hop in and launch an enemy after they are hitstunned.

Percussive Punch Power – Offence Perk

Your team deals 5% increased damage with attacks that knock back enemies horizontally.

This perk is really handy for all horizontal characters and even some vertical characters as it increases your damage, making those attacks more effective. The higher damage may also increase your chance of a launch as well!

MultiVersus Best Perks: Superman, Shaggy, Steven Universe, and Tom and Jerry can be seen fighting

Kryptonian Skin – Defence Perk

Your team receives 4% reduced incoming damage.

This perk works similarly to the other Defence perks in this list, boosting your survivability, alongside your allies’ survivability.

back To Back – Defence Perk

Your team receives 6% reduced damage when near an ally.

Being close to your ally is key with most characters, but if you are using a Tank or Bruiser it is especially useful as you can tag-team enemies for combos or extra hitstun attacks.

Tasmanian Trigonometry – Utility perk

Your team receives a 15% increased base knockback influence. 

Tasmanian Trigonometry is our first Utility choice, which gives your team a 15% increase to base knockback influence which will allow you to better adjust your launch when hit by a enemy attack that launches you.

Coffeezilla – Utility perk

Your team receives 10% reduced ability cooldown duration.

Our final perk choice is Coffeezilla which really helps for Support and Mage classes, as well as those who have a number of abilities on cooldowns.

So there you have it, those are our choices for the best perks in MultiVersus when it comes to general choices you have. If you are looking for more specific class and character perks, we have one for each of the game’s characters on our dedicated MultiVersus game hub, which you can find here.