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MultiVersus Season 1 update dishes out some big Arya Stark buffs

MultiVersus' Arya Stark has been a shadow of her character in Game of Thrones, but these Season 1 Arya buffs might help make her more lethal

MultiVersus Arya buffs: splash art of Arya Stark in MultiVersus, but with a muscular arm photoshopped onto her

MultiVersus is replete with wonderful characters for players to use and mess around with. Whether you’re looking to play as the legendary Bugs Bunny, the shape-shifting Jake the Dog, or even Super Saiyan Shaggy, you’re in luck here. Well, that is, unless you want to play as Arya Stark and have a good time.

Thankfully for fans of the Game of Thrones character, the MultiVersus Season 1 patch notes seem to be bringing in a lot of buffs for the face-stealing assassin. This is good news, because many players have complained that she feels very underpowered, especially seeing as she was such a powerful character in the hit TV show.

The patch notes include changes to many characters in the MultiVersus roster, but Arya has the most buffs by far and away. Her Up Special will now hit enemy players up in an angle that makes follow-up attacks far easier. Her Up Air has a similar effect, making it easier to land the second hit. She also has easier branching on her Neutral Air Attack, Ground Down Attack, and also maintains more velocity when doing a Ground Slide Attack.

Basically, nearly all of these buffs should help Arya Stark combo off a bit more and with a little more ease, especially for newer players. The aim is to make her easier to use for newcomers, as the assassin class can already be tricky to master, but Arya has felt pretty weak since launch.

Arya’s also getting changes to how her face stealing works, including changing her hitbox while she’s transformed, which is good news for players who really like Arya because she can mock her foes with their own face. While it’s unlikely to have a huge impact, it could be the thing that saves you in a pinch if you master all of the hitboxes.

Alongside the buffs to Arya, the likes of Garnet and Wonder Woman have also been improved to varying degrees. Meanwhile, in the nerf department, popular brawlers like Finn and Bugs Bunny have been brought down a peg. Check back in with our MultiVersus tier list soon to see how all of these Season 1 changes affect our rankings.

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