MultiVersus leak suggests Black Adam and Stripe are Season 1 fighters

There are always a lot of MultiVersus leaks to talk about, but fans have started to spot what could be a new ad online; it confirms two coming characters

MultiVersus leaks Black Adam Stripe Gremlins: an image of Black Adam from Injustice 2, Morty and Velma from MultiVersus

15/08/2022 Editor’s note: A previous version of this article noted that the leaks pointed towards Season 2 for a possible release. We now know this is not the case. The article has been changed to reflect the update.

MultiVersus fans might be preparing themselves for another bout of MultiVersus server maintenance soon, what with Season 1 coming, but there’s still a lot more to look forward to today when it comes to Player First Games’ fighting game – and we’re not just talking about the latest MultiVersus patch notes. Several fans and MultiVersus leakers are reporting that they have seen a strange new advert for the free-to-play fighter on their Xbox dashboards. If true, it’s one of the most exciting MultiVersus character leaks yet as it seems to confirm that DC Comics’ Black Adam and Gremlins’ Stripe as upcoming fighters.

The image, shared by leakers like ‘FireMonkey’ and ‘ShadyMVS’, shows an electrified Black Adam and a menacing Stripe standing side by side in the centre of a piece of MultiVersus artwork that shows some of the game’s existing roster fighting one another.

Both the character’s designs appear to fit with the art style employed to represent the other characters in the fighter and, other than using the colour purple over the colour red for the image’s theming, it’s strikingly similar to the current key artwork in use.

When you consider the fact that DC Comics’ Black Adam movie is releasing in a handful of weeks, and then couple this with the fact that Gremlins’ Gizmo has been a name thrown about by leakers for several weeks now when it comes to upcoming fighters, it does feel like the leak itself is true.

However, this is currently the only evidence that either character is coming to MultiVersus and should, as always, be taken with quite a large pinch of salt until we know more. We don’t even know how long Season 1 is going to be yet, either. So.. It could stretch well beyond the theatrical release of Black Adam.

However, Player First Games’ game director Tony Huynh has suggested that this leak will become official a lot sooner than we think, tweeting that “there’s a surprise and a look at sine future unannounced characters in the login screen tomorrow.”

On top of this, he also shared that these mysterious “characters will be arriving sometime during Season 1”. With both Rick and Morty also coming, we could see a four-character season to kick off this fighting game’s official release – which is madness. If you want to see the leak for yourself, you can below:

MultiVersus leaks Black Adam Stripe Gremlins: an image of a tweet showing the leaked advertisement

We know there’s a lot of MultiVersus character leaks out there – and we know this leaked advertisement looks fairly legitimate – but this really does seem to be the first time that the two characters have been mentioned as upcoming MultiVersus fighters. As mentioned above, it would make sense to see both characters join the roster (sort of), but it’s strange that these two names have seemingly been absent from all prior leaks. Could this mean more surprises are in store? We can only hope so.

Still, there’s nothing to say that we won’t start seeing new MultiVersus ads online soon. The MultiVersus Season 1 release time is fast-approaching and Morty, despite being pushed back, is on the way. We don’t know if Player First Games can wrangle Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson into voicing Black Adam, but Joey Naber does a good job of it in Injustice 2.

As for Stripe? Well, Frank Welker is a voice acting legend who we’d love to see join the talented MultiVersus voice actors cast. Plus, who would want to turn down the chance to join one of the best fighting games right now? Exactly.