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MultiVersus server maintenance: are the Multiversus servers down?

MultiVersus server maintenance is definitely going to stop you from having your fun. But, this article will tell you when MultiVersus servers down period is

MultiVersus Server Maintenance: Bugs Bunny can be seen holding a carrot

Alright, we know that server maintenance is never fun, but it is a necessary part of game development – and, that is the same for MultiVersus, which will go down periodically to apply patches and updates to the live game. During this time, you won’t be able to play one of the best fighting games, which can be disappointing. But, this article will serve as a hub for updates on Multiversus server maintenance and the servers being down so you know when the next down-period is planned to happen.

Fingers crossed, server maintenance won’t be a huge issue with MultiVersus and down periods for the game will be short as new patches are deployed over the coming months.

So if you want to know the latest about server maintenance in MultiVersus and if the MultiVersus servers are down for unplanned reasons, read on below. The schedule of any upcoming planned maintenance periods will also be below when we hear about plans from Player First Games.

When are the Multiverses servers down next?

The MultiVersus servers are currently down due to server maintenance. This is so a new update can be put out, including Arcade Mode and Black Adam

Don’t worry about missing out on anything while the game is down, you will be able to get back in and start playing shortly after the maintenance period finishes and Player First Games allow people to enter. This will be staggered though, so you will need to keep trying to get in once the servers do go back up.

Now you know everything about MultiVersus server maintenance and its schedule at the moment, why not check out our other guides on the MultiVersus ranks and who to play with our MultiVersus tier list?