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MultiVersus Morty release date, class, gameplay, and more

Are you curious about how Morty will play in MultiVersus as he makes the jump from Rick and Morty? Here is the MultiVersus Morty release date and more about him

MultiVersus Morty Release Date: Morty can be seen against a blue background

One half of the Rick and Morty duo is finally on his way to MultiVersus and you will be able to play him really soon. In fact, Morty will be here before you even know it and sooner than you may have been expecting. But when is the MultiVersus Morty release date?

Morty will be the first of two new characters arriving in Season 1 of the game, with Rick planned later down the line. He will be the first post-launch character added to the game warping in from the universes from the show. He will no doubt shake things up for one of the best fighting games available right now.

But when is the MultiVersus Morty release date? What will Morty play like and what is his playstyle and class in the game? Well, continue reading below for all the information about Morty that we know.

MultiVersus Morty Release Date

Morty will release in MultiVersus at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT/6 pm BST on August 23, 2022. He will be available for everyone and purchasable for 2,000 Gold or with a character ticket.

He will arrive a week after Season 1’s launch and be the first character before Rick arrives later in the Season.

MultiVersus Morty Class

Morty’s class in MultiVersus is a Bruiser, making him the seventh in the game.

We don’t yet know what kind of attacks he will specialise in and his playstyle, such as if he is a vertical or mixed character, or focused on horizontal attacks on the ground.

MultiVersus Morty gameplay

Morty’s gameplay in MultiVersus hasn’t been shown off yet and it isn’t clear when we will see it.

But, with the release set for August 23, we should hopefully get a look ahead of time at some of Morty’s moves and special attacks.

And there you have it, everything we know ahead of the MultiVersus Morty release date. For more on the game’s characters, check out all the MultiVersus classes and take a prediction as to where Morty will rank on our MultiVersus tier list.