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Spider-Man 2 appears to track heroic deeds with this cool feature

Spider-Man 2 is almost ready to swing around the corner onto PS5, and one feature appears to be an awesome indicator of your Spider-Man 2 story progress.

Marvel fans and Spider-Man fanatics around the world, the time is almost here to play Spider-Man 2. We can’t believe it has been 5 years since the first game, and 3 years since the excellent Miles Morales spin-off. Now, the hype is at new levels as we approach the first wave of Spider-Man 2 reviews, and even smaller things like the main menu evolve on its predecessor.

The Spider-Man 2 release date is on the horizon, with many outlets already diving into the game. Don’t worry about major spoilers surrounding all the Spider-Man 2 characters, though. However, one feature you can look at is the upgrade to the main menu, which appears to change depending on how far you’ve progressed through Peter and Miles’ story.

Courtesy of ‘GermainLussier’ of Gizmodo and reporter ‘Romudeth’, we can see that booting up the game brings players to seems to an Oscorp Industries laboratory in New York City, with the Symbiote kept in captivity for studies. Going off the first game’s post-credits scene and brief snippets seen in the Spider-Man 2 story trailer, it is safe to assume that this character is indeed Harry Osborn – who is speculated to assume the mantle of Venom down the line, rather than Eddie Brock.

As the Symbiote will eventually breach captivity, making its way to Peter Parker and whoever becomes Venom, the main menu is bound to change and reflect what is happening across the narrative. Another menu screen can be observed, too, seemingly confirming this.

Spider-Man 2 main menu story progress

Spider-Man 2 harry osborn venom

Journalist ‘TerryShattering’ posts a different perspective on TikTok, showcasing Peter and Miles enjoying the scenic views of New York City, before heading out onto patrol. We hope that no pedestrians are around, considering the two heroes have removed their masks. Though, given they appear to be on top of the Brooklyn Bridge, we think the chances of that are highly minimal.

Other title screens are yet to emerge, but we’ll be curious to see what happens after facing off against any of the Spider-Man 2 villains, like Venom or The Lizard.

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