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Is Madden 24 on Game Pass?

Find out if you can play Madden 24 on Game Pass and step onto the field without having to put your money down on this year's game on PC or Xbox.

Madden 24 Game Pass: Two players can be seen

Is Madden 24 on Game Pass? EA has been a big supporter of the service with a lot of its games arriving on the service for Xbox and PC after their initial launches. You can also get a bunch of trials for other sports games in EA's portfolio as an added benefit to your Game Pass subscription.

So, is Madden 24 destined for a day-one launch? Will there be a trial like with last year's game? Will the game eventually come to Game Pass post-launch? In this article, we will answer all of those questions about this year's game which stars Josh Allen as the Madden 24 cover athlete and includes Madden 24 crossplay for the first time.

Is Madden 24 on Game Pass?

Madden 24 will not be on Game Pass at launch, however, a ten-hour trial is available for Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play subscribers right now. The full Madden 24 game won’t be available on the service until Spring 2024.

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This is because Madden 23 on Game Pass was launched on the service fully in May 2023. So, we can expect the same April or May release on the service once again for Madden 24, ahead of the reveal of Madden 25. Once Microsoft announces the date in 2024, we will update this article.

That covers everything you need to know about Madden 24 on Game Pass. Thanks to the trial on offer, you can get Madden 24 early access and experience everything it has to offer ahead of the official Madden 24 release date on August 18, 2023.