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Madden 24 release date, gameplay, covers

Find out when you can expect the Madden 24 release date and the details for this year's game which is arriving on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Madden 24 Release Date: A player can be seen

When is the Madden 24 release date? The next edition of EA’s simulation series on the big game is almost here and we are about to hear more from the publisher. After an extended period of silence, the reveals are beginning to pour in for Madden 24, from gameplay to cover athletes, gameplay changes, and more.

Here you can find a full rundown of what to expect from this year’s game and the work EA has put into elevating the on-field gameplay, as well as making Madden NFL 24 feel like a truly authentic football experience. Fingers crossed for some big shakeups to the formula!

Madden 24 release date

Madden 24’s release date is set for Friday, August 18, 2023, for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Those who purchase the Deluxe Edition will be able to play three days earlier on Tuesday, August 15, 2023.

This date makes sense because the series has launched on the third Friday of August for the last few years, dating back to 2021. You can see the release dates of previous games in the series below, but EA has hit a rhythm with the titles in the last few years:

Game Release Date
Madden NFL 23 August 19, 2022
Madden NFL 22 August 10, 2021
Madden NFL 21 August 28, 2020
Madden NFL 20 August 2, 2019
Madden NFL 19 August 10, 2018
Madden NFL 18 August 22, 2017
Madden NFL 17 August 23, 2016

As one of EA’s flagship games, you can always count on the latest Madden releasing towards the end of August, and it’s something fans of the series have become accustomed to. Madden 24 clearly isn’t breaking this trend, giving fans the latest in the NFL at a steady pace each year.

While some have criticized EA over this release schedule, citing only incremental updates coming with each title, Madden 24 makes a few great changes to the formula which you can read all about below.

Madden 24 gameplay

Madden 24 is seeing a number of gameplay additions and improvements. These include Hit Everything 2.0 which expands new “contested catch tackle types that provide more control and tackle variety on defense.” Animations are selected more dynamically, with fluid interactions. In addition, Skill-Based Passing 2.0 is being introduced. This involves improved catching AI, better defensive reactions, and enhanced DB behavior.

In terms of modes, Madden 24 brings back the classic Superstar mode. DCombining both its original incarnation and the newer version of it, Madden 24 Superstar mode sits alongside Franchise, Ultimate Team, and more.  In addition, you can play online with friends on any platform thanks to Madden 24 crossplay.

Madden 24 Release Date: multiple players can be seen

Madden 24 covers

The Madden 24 cover features the Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen. You can see the box art below for the standard and deluxe edition of the game which has the star and is a unique, colorful color for the first time after a rather muted palette for the game’s art over recent years.

The Madden 24 cover athlete Josh Allen from the Buffalo Bills was the rumored choice, so it seems like fans got the predictions right.

That covers what we know right now ahead of the Madden 24 release date. This year’s game will hopefully improve upon a lot of the areas the game has fallen behind in over the last few years, especially when it comes to the Franchise mode, which has been a pain point for many fans.