Is Madden 23 on Game Pass?

Are you wondering whether Madden 23 is coming to Game Pass? The Loadout has compiled all you need to know about whether gridiron action will be added

Madden 23 Game Pass: A player can be seen juking to try and dodge a person on the opposing team

Madden 23 is going to be dropping into your mailbox or downloading onto your hard drives sooner than you can scream Tom Brady doesn’t inflate balls properly, which means you need to decide if you’re going to be paying for that pixelated gridiron action goodness, or if you will be able to play Madden 23 on Game Pass.

We know Ultimate Team is set to make a return for this year’s Madden outing, as well as Franchise mode, and the new Fieldsense system which was revealed in the gameplay trailer. Can’t wait to collect your favourite players and craft them into the craziest team you’ve ever seen and conquer the online world? Well, there’s no need to pay for the NFL game if Madden 23 is coming to Game Pass at launch, of course.

So, that’s why we’ve put together this guide with all the latest up-to-date information about if, when, and how you can get your Madden 23 fix. Read on below to find out everything we know.

is Madden 23 On Game Pass?

Madden 23 is not set to come to Game Pass at this time. However, Madden 23 does have a free trial available for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers right now.

Madden 22 did come to Microsoft’s subscription service sometime after launch via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So, so we should expect the game to be available at some point, likely around February 2023.

While, you wait for Madden 23 to hit Game Pass, be sure to keep up to date with everything you need to know about Madden 23, including the early access periods for Madden 23 and the Madden 23 best teams.

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