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Is Madden 23 on Game Pass?

Are you wondering whether Madden 23 is coming to Game Pass? The Loadout has compiled all you need to know about whether gridiron action will be added.

Madden 23 Game Pass: A player can be seen juking to try and dodge a person on the opposing team

Madden 23 is here and has been a pretty big success. With the return of new modes and some of its own additions, many players are looking to jump in. But are you able to play Madden 23 on Game Pass?

So, that’s why we’ve put together this guide with all the latest up-to-date information about if, when, and how you can get your Madden 23 fix. Read on below to find out everything we know.

Is Madden 23 on Game Pass?

Madden 23 is now available on Game Pass Ultimate, via EA Play. It is available for both Xbox and PC.

Madden 23 joins its predecessor, Madden 22, which was added to the service shortly after its launch.

If you’re planning on playing, check out our guide on the Madden 23 best teams, which is sure to be a useful point of reference.