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Horizon Forbidden West Acquisition machines

Looking for all the Horizon Forbidden West Acquisition machines? Here is a full list of all of them so you can find them and earn a trophy

Horizon Forbidden West Acquisition Machines: A Tideripper can be seen

Horizon Forbidden West has a number of machines spread across its open world, each varying in type and having different strengths when it comes to their capabilities in the field.

One of the most prevalent types of machines is the Acquisition machines, which make up most of GAIA’s workforce. They harvest resources and assist in terraforming the planet by constructing more. Each machine specialises in gathering a different type of resource, from Blaze, to Metal, to Chillwater. The size of Acquisitions also ranges greatly from small machines like the Chargers to the hulking Rockbreakers and Tiderippers.

Horizon Forbidden West’s machines are varied and diverse and you will want to kill every type of Acquisition in the game in order to nab yourself a trophy on either PS5 or PS4. For a full list of Horizon Forbidden West Acquisition machines, read on. We will also update this article with their locations as and when we find them.

Horizon Forbidden West Acquisition Machines

There are all the Horizon Forbidden West Acquisition machines you can find in-game:

Horizon Forbidden West Acquisition Machines: A Bristleback can be seen being overridden by people


The Bristleback is a warthog-like creature that is used by the enemy tribes throughout the west.


The Charger is one of the ridable machines in Horizon Forbidden West and can be found throughout the land as they are mostly passive unless provoked.


Clamberjaws can be found high up in trees getting resources and often travel in packs, making them a pain to fight.


The Glinthawk is one of the flying machines in Horizon Forbidden West and can often be found grazing on cliffsides.

Horizon Forbidden West Acquisition Machines: The Grazer machines can be seen in a field


Grazers are found grazing in fields and are very skittish. When approached they will flee so you will want to attack them from a distance.


The Rockbreaker is a large burrowing machine that will drive through the dirt, emerge from the ground, launch itself at you and all around just be a massive pain to try and kill.


The Scrapper is equipped with a laser and will often be found harvesting resources from metal blocks. They are one of the weaker Acquisition machines, but they can catch you off guard with their movement and laser attacks.

Horizon Forbidden West Acquisition Machines: A Snapmaw can be seen with Aloy swimming below it


The Snapmaw is one of the deadlier machines in the game and can be found both above water and beneath, snapping its jaws at Aloy and chasing her down.


The Strider is another ridable machine and can often be found grazing. They are more bullish than a Charger and will often attack if you get close.


Flying high above the ground and powered by solar energy, the Sunwing is one of the new flying machines in Horizon Forbidden West. Alongside hunting them for resources, they can also serve as flying mounts.


The Tideripper is a large machine that can live both above water and below it and harvests a large number of resources.


These agile scavengers are often seen in packs, consuming broken machine parts as opposed to natural resources.


This machine sources its resources from the soil. It will retreat when attacked but leaves an unusual vapour cloud in its wake.


As their name suggests, the Plowhorns plough through the ground for resources leaving a trail of plants and dust in their path.


Much like their appearance in Horizon Zero Dawn, the Lancehorn drills for resources. They’re docile and quick to retreat when attacked.


This herd machine dissolves resources for biofuel, but they’re not passive. They can snap their horns together and launch fire attacks from a distance.


This large amphibious machine uses its huge jaw to collect resources and attack enemies. Don’t get caught in its maw.


The Fireclaw breaks down resources in its internal furnace, but in turn, can use this to launch devastating fire attacks at its enemies.

That covers all the Horizon Forbidden West Acquisition machines. Get an overview of the other types with the Horizon Forbidden West Reconnaissance machines, the Combat machines, and the Horizon Forbidden West Transport machines.