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Horizon Forbidden West Transport machines

Horizon Forbidden West's Transport machines are scattered throughout the open world and serve a unique purpose. for transporting materials

Horizon Forbidden West Transport Machines: Aloy can be seen attacking a Rollerback.

Horizon Forbidden West has four categories of machines, one of which are the Transport machines. These machines are probably the most unique in the game, serving two purposes depending on their design.

These machines can either move large amounts of resources or materials, such as the Shell-Walker from the original game, or they can assist one of the Acquisition machines in Horizon Forbidden West, like the Behemoth from Horizon Zero Dawn. In Forbidden West, they serve the same purpose and will either collect their own resources or help out other machines in gathering them.

Transport Machines are rarely found alone and tend to be grouped alongside Reconnaissance machines or the large amount of acquisition machines in the game like Scrappers and Chargers. So, if you are looking for a list of all the Horizon Forbidden West Transport machines, continue reading. We will also be providing some locations once we find them all in game.

Horizon Forbidden West Transport Machines

Here are all the different Horizon Forbidden West Transport machines you can find and kill for resources:

Horizon Forbidden West Transport Machines: A Bellow back can be seen alongside some Watchers


The Bellowback is a large machine that sprays streams of fire or ice that will paint the ground with damaging, long-lasting effects that can be hard to dodge.


The Rollerback resembles a pangolin and is lined with metal plates. On top of that, it is rather vicious and is not afraid to protect its cargo and attack Aloy.


The Shell Walker returns from the original game and carries large storage containers of resources on its back to move around for GAIA.


The Leaplasher transports Acid Canisters, which it can deploy to aid allies – or weaponize for its own attacks.


These large transport machines collect resources from smaller machines, making the most of hard-hitting ranged attacks to defend themselves.

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