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Horizon Forbidden West Reconnaissance machines

Looking for all the Horizon Forbidden West Reconnaissance machines in the game? Here is every one that can be found in the game's world

Horizon Forbidden West Reconnaissance machines: Two Burrowers can be seen on a hill

Horizon Forbidden West has four different categories of machines and the Reconnaissance machines are one of the most prevalent. They provide GAIA with useful information, finding land for terraforming and serving as lookouts for other machines.

Reconnaissance machines all have a part of their design that is used for finding threats and scanning environments, such as an ocular sensor or a radar. There aren’t that many different Reconnaissance machines in Horizon Forbidden West, but the line-up has been bolstered by the new Burrowers which can be seen in the image below, as they can traverse both on land and in the water.

The list of Horizon Forbidden West’s machines is long and you will need to kill every type of Reconnaissance machine to nab yourself a trophy on PS5 or PS4. Continue reading for a full list of Horizon Forbidden West Reconnaissance machines. We will also provide some spots to find them once we have found them all.

Horizon Forbidden West Reconnaissance machines

There are several Horizon Forbidden West Reconnaissance machines in-game. They are:


The Watcher makes its return to Horizon, in the sequel and they will serve as scouts, looking out for enemies in areas and protecting other machines as they gather resources.


Much like the Watcher, the Burrower has a long body and tail and scouts out areas looking for enemies. The only difference is it is modelled off of an otter and can travel in water.


These flying machines glide across the skies on the hunt for enemies. They’re fast and agile, so they’re still capable in combat.


Longleg’s are back. This reconnaissance machine can scan tall grass and disrupts enemies with devastating sound attacks.


This iconic machine is back in Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy can clamber to the top of these for a look at the surrounding area. You do not need to kill a Tallneck to get the trophy for killing one of each Reconnaissance machine.

That covers all the Horizon Forbidden West Reconnaissance machines. For a look at the other types, check out our overview of the Combat machines, the Horizon Forbidden West Acquisition machines, and the Transport machines.