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Horizon Forbidden West Combat machines

Looking for a list of all the new combat machines in Horizon Forbidden West? Here is every machine that's out for Aloy's blood

horizon forbidden west turtle machine

Horizon Forbidden West is absolutely stuffed with machines – that’s what it’s about, after all. The game takes place in a large open world, and machines new and old are sprinkled across the landscape. But we’re not here to talk machines generally, we’re here to talk about all the combat machines you can find in Horizon Forbidden West.

Unlike other machines found in the game, combat machines are the ones you need to watch out for because they’re built for fighting. From small and nimble machines that hunt in packs to behemoths that stomp around angrily, they all have different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

Read on below for a full list of Horizon Forbidden West combat machines that we’ll keep updated so that you know what to expect when hunting down the trophy to kill them all on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Horizon Forbidden West combat machines

Here are all the Horizon Forbidden West combat machines in-game right now:

horizon forbidden west ravager combat machine


The Ravager is one of those quick combat machines that just wants to annihilate you. It’s made a return for Forbidden West, but we’re still unsure if the Ravager’s form will be any different. Regardless, proceed with caution.


The medium-sized Sawtooth returns from the first game to gobble you up. These machines can be found alone or in groups of up to three. They are usually found guarding Horizon Forbidden West’s acquisition machines.


A sneaky machine with high-damage attacks, the Stalker is able to cloak itself for that ultimate jump scare. You’ll need to have your head on a swivel in case you accidentally run into it when you’re under-equipped.


The Thunderjaw from Horizon Zero Dawn is back for Forbidden West. This makes sense as it was one of the largest and most devastating combat machines from the first game.


Previously exclusive to the Frozen Wilds Zero Dawn DLC, the Frostclaw has powerful attacks that are augmented by its frozen nature. It looks like a big grizzly bear if it was powered by cryogenics. Use fire weapons.

horizon forbidden west tremortusk


The Tremortusk combat machine resembles a woolly mammoth, but if a woolly mammoth was a really angry machine with four tusks. And, like a real mammoth, it has heavy armour plating. They will be tough to take down, no doubt.


Previously only seen in the Horizon Zero Dawn Comic, the Clawstrider is now roaming the world of Horizon Forbidden West. It looks like some kind of raptor-bird hybrid with large claws on each foot.


Arguably the coolest new machine in Horizon Forbidden West, the Shellsnapper is modelled after a snapping turtle. It has lots of foliage all over its back, giving it great natural camouflage.


The new Slitherfang machine’s name gives you an idea of what to expect – a big old snake. It can coil around structures and spits acid at you when you attack it. It has a rattlesnake-like tail that can be shot off with Aloy’s bow.


Corruptors are back in Horizon Forbidden West. These machines can leap onto enemies, stab at them with their sharp tails, or launch hard-hitting ranged attacks.


A modified Plowhorn, this machine is built for combat. With powerful fire attacks, they’re a force to be reckoned with.


This flying machine can attack with a number of status-affecting attacks, making it a dangerous enemy to face alone.

Horizon Forbidden West Combat Machines: Aloy can be seen looking at a Stormbird.


The Stormbird is back. This flying machine can dive and hit Aloy with melee attacks, or launch shock attacks from afar.


This machine looks a lot like a Scrapper – but it doesn’t behave like one. It can launch devastating fire attacks but also hits hard at closer ranges.


This deadly combat machine can enhance all of its attacks with plasma damage and has a number of special abilities you’ll need to look out for.


This highly-advanced machine can unleash a variety of attacks and self-repair its broken armour plating.

Specter Prime

This is the next evolution of the Horizon series’ machines. Much like the Specter, it can unleash a variety of attacks and self-repair when needed.

And that’s it for a list of all of Horizon Forbidden West’s combat machines. Get an overview of the other types with the Horizon Forbidden West Reconnaissance machines and the Horizon Forbidden West Transport machines.