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Honkai Star Rail Welt build

Don’t go into battle without the best Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons, and abilities to use with the best Honkai Star Rail Welt build on PC, mobile, PS5, and PS4.

Honkai Star Rail Welt build: Artwork depicting Welt holding out his left hand towards the camera.

Honkai Star Rail’s Welt, the wise former Anti-Entropy Sovereign responsible for saving Earth from annihilation several times, is unsurprisingly a powerful and valuable character in many teams. This Imaginary damage Nihility character is certainly one to add to your roster, though don’t forget to have the best Honkai Star Rail Welt build to eke out all his potential. You’re in the right place because this guide will cover the Relics, Light cones, abilities, and more that create the best Welt build out there right now.

The ever-helpful and knowledgeable Welt is just one of a frequently growing number of characters you can meet in Honkai Star Rail. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a guide covering all the other Honkai Star Rail characters and even a Honkai Star Rail tier list of best characters to see which ones are worth your hard-earned Warps next. It’s also wise to read up on the Honkai Star Rail elements and Honkai Star Rail Paths so you understand how each character can fit into a team.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Welt build?

The best Honkai Star Rail Welt build is:

  • Relics – Wastelander of Banditry Desert (4pc), Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise (2pc)
  • Light Cone – In the Name of the World
  • Stats – Effect Hit Rate%, SPD, ATK%, Crit Rate/DMG
  • Role – Damage dealer and offensive debuffer
  • Team – Seele, Bronya, Welt, Bailu

Being a Nihility Path character, Welt is an effective offensive debuffer, controlling the enemy through Slowed and Imprisoned effects. When Welt is on the field, your enemies won’t know what hit them. Not only will he be capable of dishing out a respectable amount of damage, but Welt will make it easier for allies to deal damage as well. This build aims to increase the frequency of his controlling effects alongside his damage, though there is also a more support focused build opportunity that we’ll go over.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the Relic set-piece bonuses, Light Cone alternatives, stat priority and more to make the best Honkai Star Rail builds with Welt.

Which Relics should I use for Welt in Honkai Star Rail?

The best Honkai Star Rail Welt build will make use of two different sets to increase the potency of controlling effects and damage. However, there is room for variation with a more support focused setup as well.

Relic Set Effect
Wastelander of Banditry Desert

Two-piece: Increases Imaginary DMG by 10%.

Four-piece: When attacking debuffed enemies, the wearer’s Crit Rate increases by 10%. If the enemy is Imprisoned, then the wearer’s Crit DMG increases by 20%.

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise Two-piece: Increases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 10%. Meanwhile, the wearer’s ATK increases by an amount that is equal to 25% of Effect Hit Rate, up to a maximum of 25%.
Thief of Shooting Meteor

Two-piece: Increases Break Effect by 20%.

Four-piece: Increases the wearer’s Break Effect by 20%. When the wearer inflicts Weakness Break on an enemy, regenerates 3 Energy.

With a combination of four-piece Wastelander of Banditry Desert and two-piece Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise, Welt will be able to deal a surprising amount of damage. Wastlenader will provide an Imaginary DMG increase and bonus Crit stats against debuffed enemies, particularly Imprisoned foes. Welt’s utility is not sacrificed for this damage increase either, as Pan-Galactic will increase the Effect Hit Rate and ATK. With this more offensive Welt build, he’ll be inflicting frequent Slow and Imprison effects on enemies and dealing increased damage while he does so.

If you want a more support and utility focused build, which Welt will also slot into very well, then you can swap Wastelander for a four-piece set of Thief of Shooting Meteor. This combination will increase Welt’s Break Effect significantly and cause him to regenerate Energy when he inflicts this effect. This will weaken enemies and make them more vulnerable to follow up Imaginary elemental attacks, but most importantly it will give him more Energy to thereby Imprison more enemies. Imprisoned enemies have their actions delayed heavily and their SPD reduced.

Which Light Cone should I use for Welt in Honkai Star Rail?

Welt’s signature Light Cone, In the Name of the World, is the best-in-slot Light Cone for the best Honkai Star Rail Welt build. His versatility means that there are plenty of alternatives if you’re free-to-play or don’t own his signature Light Cone though, so don’t worry.

Light Cone Effect
In the Name of the World (Best) Increases the wearer’s damage to debuffed enemies by 20%. When the wearer uses their skill, the Effect Hit Rate for this attack increases by 20%, and ATK increases by 20%.
We Will Meet Again (Alt) After the wearer uses a basic attack or skill, they deal 40% of ATK as additional damage to a random enemy that was attacked by the ability.
Eyes of the Prey (Alt) Increases the Effect Hit Rate of its wearer by 20% and increases damage-over-time effect by 24%.
Void (F2P) At the beginning of battle, increases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 20% for three turns.
Loop (F2P) Increases damage dealt from its wearer to Slowed enemies by 24%.

In the Name of the World is Welt’s signature Light Cone, making it the perfect choice for his kit. Notably, this Light Cone will increase Welt’s damage against debuffed enemies which will happen frequently, especially with the recommended Relics above. Furthermore, this Light Cone will also increase the Effect Hit Rate of his skill, causing more enemies to have their SPD reduced and debuffed, tying in nicely to the first benefit of this item. Welt will also gain a substantial ATK boost which will increase his damage output even further.

For more accessible and free-to-play friendly Light Cones, there are also four-star and three-star alternatives to think about for the best Welt build in Honkai Star Rail. We Will Meet Again is likely his best alternative Light Cone, causing a bonus instance of damage to a random enemy that was damaged by the wearer’s basic attack or skill. It’s a simple but effective item for improving damage potential.

While Welt won’t benefit from the damage-over-time bonus of this Light Cone, Eyes of the Prey is a four-star alternative that will improve Effect Hit Rate. This is great for inflicting more debuffs on the enemy and providing utility for the team.

On a similar note, Void is a three-star Light Cone that will improve Welt’s Effect Hit Rate for the first three turns of battle. This will once again result in more debuffs being inflicted on the enemy and giving your team a headstart at the beginning of the fight.

Last but not least, Loop is a three-star Light Cone that increases the damage dealt to Slowed enemies. With the goal being to inflict as many debuffs as possible, including Slowed, Welt will benefit greatly from this Light Cone.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Welt team comp?

The best Honkai Star Rail Welt team comp is Seele, Welt, Bronya, and Bailu.

Character 1 Character 2 Character 3 Character 4
Seele (Main DPS) Bronya (Support) Welt (Crowd Control) Bailu (Healer)
Blade (Main DPS) Bronya (Support) Welt (Crowd Control) Luocha (Healer)
Dan Heng (DPS) Serval (DPS) Welt (Crowd Control) Natasha (Healer)

Welt is a great crowd control character for any strong DPS character, making him highly versatile. With that said, Seele is the best DPS right now, so Welt can weaken the enemies while she goes in for the killing blow. Similarly, Bronya is a strong support that works perfectly with Seele to improve damage output. Last but not least is Bailu, an excellent healer that will keep everyone healthy in long or hard fights.

The best free-to-play Welt team comp is Dan Heng, Serval, Welt, and Natasha. Dan Heng and Serval will provide the main damage output in both single-target and AoE respectively, while Welt crowd controls foes to give the team a leg-up. Natasha is a strong and accessible healer that can fit into almost any team to keep them alive.

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What do Welt’s attacks and abilities do in Honkai Star Rail?

Ability Effect
Gravity Suppression (Basic) Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 50% of Welt’s ATK to a single enemy.
Edge of the Void (Skill) Slashes three times, each dealing Imaginary DMG equal to 39% of Welt’s ATK to a random enemy. On hit, there is a 66% base chance to reduce the enemy’s SPD by 10% for two turns.
Synthetic Black Hole (Ultimate) Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 96% of Welt’s ATK to all enemies. There is a 100% base chance for enemies hit by the ability to be Imprisoned. Imprisoned enemies have their actions delayed by 32% and SPD reduced by 10%.
Time Distortion (Talent) If the enemy hit is already Slowed, deals additional Imaginary DMG equal to 33% of Welt’s ATK to the enemy.
Gravitational Imprisonment (Technique) Create a small Black Hole Zone that lasts for 15 seconds. Enemies who enter this area have their movement speed Slowed by 50%. Upon entering battle in this Zone, there is a 100% chance for the enemies to become Imprisoned. Imprisoned enemies have their actions delayed by 20% and SPD reduced by 10%.
Retribution (Trace Ascension) Increase Welt’s ultimate damage by 25%.
Judgement (Trace Ascension) Using Welt’s ultimate additionally regenerates 10 Energy.
Punishment (Trace Ascension) Deals 20% more damage to enemies inflicted with Weakness Break.

Welt’s abilities emphasize causing frequent debuffs on the enemy to give him and his allies the leg up in battle, largely by Slowing or Imprisoning the enemies. Slowed enemies will have their SPD reduced, giving your team a chance to get ahead. On the other hand, Imprisoned enemies are incapacitated, delaying their actions significantly.

Outside of these crowd control effects and debuffs, Welt is also capable of dealing a surprising amount of damage to several enemies at once through his skill and ultimate. With the right Relics and Light Cone, his abilities will deal even more damage, particularly to those already affected by his debuffs.

With that said, it’s hard to beat the AoE damage potential of Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan. Welt is regarded more for the utility he can provide the team thanks to being a Nihility Path character.

What are Welt’s Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail?

Eidolon Effect
Legacy of Honor After using his ultimate, Welt’s abilities are enhanced. The next two times he uses his basic attack or skill, it will deal additional damage to the target. Extra damage from his basic attack is equal to 50% of his basic attack DMG, and extra damage from his skill is equal to 80% of his skill’s DMG multiplier.
Conflux of Stars When his talent is trigger, Welt regenerates 3 Energy.
Prayer of Peace Skill level +2, up to a maximum of level 15. Basic attack level +1, up to a maximum of level 10.
Appellation of Justice When using Welt’s ultimate, there is a 100% base chance to increase the damage received by the target by 12% for two turns.
Power of Kindness Ultimate level +2, up to a maximum of level 15. Talent level +2, up to a maximum of level 15.
Prospect of Brilliance When using Welt’s skill, deals an additional instance of damage to a random enemy.

Eidolons are the equivalent of Constellations from Genshin Impact, acting as permanent buffs for characters after each additional copy of the character you receive.

Welt’s Eidolons seek to build upon the weaker aspect of his kit, that being damage potential. With his utility already being up there with the best in the game, it’s ideal that his Eidolons are more damage centric. For example, his first Eidolon will enhance his basic attack and skill after using his ultimate, letting him follow up with more devastating attacks. This pairs well with his second Eidolon which causes Welt to regenerate Energy upon triggering his talent. His fourth Eidolon is the star of the show though, causing enemies hit by his ultimate to receive increased damage for the next two turns. Not only can Welt benefit from this substantially thanks to his first Eidolon, but allies can as well. This lets you set up empowered attacks from main DPS team members.

While it’s true that no Eidolon is ever necessary to beat content, Eidolons 1-4 offer up great improvements to Welt’s damage and team utility. If you’re lucky enough to get these Eidolons then you won’t be disappointed.

Honkai Star Rail Welt: Welt standing with his cane during an ability animation. The background is darkened and his cane is glowing red.

How do I get Welt in Honkai Star Rail?

Welt can be obtained from the Stellar Warp banner, the Departure Warp banner, and character event Warp banners.

As a five-star character, Welt will no doubt take you a significant number of Warps to get. Thankfully, he features on both the standard Stellar Warp banner and the starter Departure Warp banner so there will always be a consistent unlock source. It’s also possible he’ll be available as the featured character in event Warp banners. Therefore, you should be able to narrow down your search a little better. Don’t forget to read up on the Honkai Star Rail pity system so you have a strong understanding of how many Warps you can expect it to take.

Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Welt?

Welt is a five-star Imaginary offensive debuffer belonging to the Nihility Path who will serve as a sub-DPS and debuffer in a team.

As the astute former Anti-Entropy Sovereign, Welt has saved Earth from annihilation several times over. Once there was peace, he settled down and became an animation storyboard artist. Though, after a conspiracy with St. Fountain, Welt had no choice but to journey through a space portal with the initiator of the incident. Now, Welt is a veteran member of the Astral Express.

Now you’re in the know about the best Honkai Star Rail Welt build, including what Relics and Light Cones to use, his abilities, Eidolons, and more. As a support character, you will need to know the best Honkai Star Rail team comps before taking on endgame activities like the Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall, even once you’ve built and levelled him. Good luck, Trailblazer.