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Honkai Star Rail Gepard build

Here's the best Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons and abilities to use on the valiant captain in the best Honkai Star Rail Gepard build on PC, mobile, PS5, and PS4.

Honkai Star Rail Gepard build: Gepard pointing to the left of the camera, commanding his guards.

Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard is the honourable captain of the Silvermane Guards belonging to the Preservation Path. Thanks to the effort of himself and his team, the bitingly cold city of Belobog has remained relatively safe. However, you’ll want to have the best Honkai Star Rail Gepard build to maximize his potential and defend the world from growing threats. You’re in luck because this guide will cover the Relics, Light cones, abilities, and more that create the best Gepard build right now.

The valiant Gepard is just one of the friendly (and in some cases not so friendly) faces in the Honkai Star Rail roster. We’ve got a guide covering all the other Honkai Star Rail characters you can get on your adventure and even a Honkai Star Rail tier list of best characters so you can see where each one ranks and some great Honkai Star Rail builds for them. It’s also worth reading up on the Honkai Star Rail elements and Honkai Star Rail Paths so you understand how each character can fit into a team.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Gepard build?

The best Honkai Star Rail Gepard build is:

  • Relics – Knight of Purity Palace (4pc), Belobog of the Architects (2pc)
  • Light Cone – Moment of Victory
  • Stats – DEF%, SPD
  • Role – Tank and shield support
  • Team – Seele, Welt, Bronya, Gepard

Being a Preservation Path character, Gepard excels at tanking and team support. If you’re looking for a valuable defensive support addition to many teams, then the best Gepard build is the way to go. Through focusing on DEF, Gepard will be a resilient unit by himself, able to take plenty of attacks. Meanwhile, he can also draw enemy attention, crowd control, and apply strong shields to allies.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the Relic set-piece bonuses, Light Cone alternatives, stat priority and more to make the best Gepard build in Honkai Star Rail.

Which Relics should I use for Gepard in Honkai Star Rail?

The best Honkai Star Rail Gepard build will make use of two different sets to enhance his tanking and support capabilities.

Relic Set Effect
Knight of Purity Palace

Two-piece: Increase DEF by 12%.

Four-piece: Increase the max damage that can be absorbed by shields created by the wearer by 20%.

Belobog of the Architects Two-piece: Increases the wearer’s DEF by 15%. When the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate is 50% or higher, the wearer gains an additional 15% DEF.

Using a full four-piece set of Knight of Purity Palace and a two-piece set of Belobog of the Architects is the way to go for the best Gepard build. This is primarily because he will benefit from a substantial increase in DEF, which is used as his main scaling for abilities. Furthermore, the four-piece effect of Knight of Purity Palace also boasts an increase in shield strength. With this setup, Gepard will be more resilient and can provide allies with even stronger shields to protect them from damage.

With that said, you could swap the two-piece set of Belobog of the Architects for another set if you’d rather. For instance, you could use Fleet of the Ageless for additional max HP, though this would be less effective than bonus DEF. Similarly, you could use a two-piece Guard of Wuthering Snow to reduce damage taken by 8%. If you favor more damage, then two-pieces of Hunter of Glacial Forest will offer 10% increased ice damage. Again though, these combinations are weaker overall than Knight of Purity Palace and Belobog of the Architects.

Which Light Cone should I use for Gepard in Honkai Star Rail?

Gepard’s signature Light Cone, Moment of Victory, is best-in-slot for the best Honkai Star Rail Gepard build. However, there are several surprisingly strong alternatives if you’re free-to-play or simply don’t own his Light Cone.

Light Cone Effect
Moment of Victory (Best)

Increases the wearer’s DEF by 24% and Effect Hit Rate by 20%. Increases the chance for the wearer to be attacked by enemies.

When the wearer is attacked, increase their DEF by an additional 24% until the end of the wearer’s turn.

Landau’s Choice (Alt) The wearer is more likely to be attacked, but damage taken is reduced by 16%.
Day One of My New Life (Alt) Increases the wearer’s DEF by 16%. After entering battle, increases the damage resistance of all allies by 8%. Effects of the same type cannot stack.
Amber (F2P) Increases the wearer’s DEF by 16%. If the wearer’s current HP is less than 50% of their max HP, increases their DEF by a further 16%.

As his signature Light Cone, Moment of Victory is tailor-made for Gepard. Most importantly, Moment of Victory will provide a large increase to DEF and even an additional bonus to DEF when hit until the end of his turn. With this, Gepard will be incredibly tanky and can dish out some hardy shields to his allies as well, sharing the defence with more damaging allies.

Fret not though if you don’t have his signature Light Cones. Landau’s Choice is a great four-star alternative, making Gepard more likely to be attacked but reducing the damage he takes by 16% at the least. While this won’t benefit his DEF and therefore his shield strength among other aspects, it will take the pressure of your teammates and make Gepard into a solid tank. Likewise, Day One of My New Life will increase Gepard’s DEF alongside raising the resistance of allies slightly.

For a three-star alternative, Amber is your best bet. Amber will provide a flat 16% increase to the wearer’s DEF. Furthermore, once their health drops below 50%, it will also give an additional DEF boost.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Gepard team comp?

The best Honkai Star Rail Gepard team comp is Seele, Welt, Bronya, and Gepard.

Character 1 Character 2 Character 3 Character 4
Seele (Main DPS) Welt (Crowd Control) Bronya/Asta/Tingyun (Support) Gepard (Tank)
Yanqing (Main DPS) Bronya (Support) Tingyun (Support) Gepard (Tank)
Dan Heng (DPS) Serval (DPS) Asta/Tingyun (Support) Gepard (Tank)

As a tank, Gepard needs to be paired with strong damage dealers and supports to truly excel as DPS is not his wheelhouse. As such, Seele, perhaps the best single-target damage dealer in the game, is the perfect fit. Welt is a strong crowd control unit, capable of Imprisoning enemies while also dealing a respectable amount of Imaginary damage. Similarly, Bronya is a Wind support who will carry Seele with a boost to ATK and the ability to grant extra moves. Gepard’s job will be to keep them safe, particularly by drawing enemy aggression and generating shields.

Gepard also works well with Yanqing, as this powerful DPS needs to avoid taking damage to get the most out of his abilities. As such, having a strong tank like Gepard or March 7th is a must, as not only to they generate shields but they can also taunt enemies.

For a free-to-play friendly team, pair Gepard with Dan Heng, Serval, and Tingyun or Asta. Dan Heng and Serval are strong DPS characters in single-target and AoE respectively, despite them being readily accessible four-star characters. The support slot can be filled by either Tingyun or Asta to give the DPS characters a valuable boost.

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What do Gepard’s attacks and abilities do in Honkai Star Rail?

Abilities Effects
Fist of Conviction (Basic) Deals Ice DMG equal to 50% of Gepard’s ATK to a single enemy.
Intimidating Strike (Skill) Deals Ice DMG equal to 110% of Gepard’s ATK to a single enemy, with a base 65% chance to freeze that enemy for one turn. While frozen, the enemy cannot take action and will take Ice damage-over-time equal to 27% of Gepard’s ATK each turn.
Enduring Bulwark (Ultimate) Applies a shield to all allies, absorbing damage equal to 38% of Gepard’s DEF plus 168 for three turns.
Unyielding Will (Talent) When struck with a killing blow, instead of becoming incapacitated, Gepard’s HP immediately restores to 27% of his max HP. This effect can only trigger once per battle.
Comradery (Technique) When the next battle begins, applies a shield to all allies, absorbing damage equal to 24% of Gepard’s DEF plus 96 for two turns.
Integrity (Trace Ascension) Gepard has a higher chance to be attacked by enemies.
Commander (Trace Ascension) When ‘Unyielding Will’ is triggered, Gepard’s Energy will be restored to 100%.
Fighting Spirit (Trace Ascension) Gepard’s ATK is increased by 35% of his current DEF. This effect will refresh at the start of each turn.

Gepard’s abilities emphasize tankiness, shielding allies, and light crowd control through the innate powers of the ice element. While Gepard certainly won’t classify as a damage dealer by any means, his skill can be great for immobilising the enemy. It has a 65% chance to freeze an opponent for one turn, meaning they cannot take action and will take a small Ice damage-over-time effect. Gepard’s ultimate is perhaps his most valuable active skill, capable of applying a strong shield to all allies for three turns. With this scaling on DEF, with the best Gepard build equipped he will make sure your team is able to withstand almost anything. Gepard’s passives are highly synergistic with this tanky and supportive nature.

Gepard is a great tank and shield support that brings a lot of utility to the table, including the room for crowd control with his skill.

What are Gepard’s Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail?

Eidolons Effect
Due Diligence Base chance for Gepard’s skill to freeze enemies increases by 35%.
Lingering Cold After an enemy frozen by Gepard’s skill is unfrozen, their SPD is reduced by 20% for one turn.
Never Surrender Ultimate level +2, up to a maximum of level 15. Talent level +2, up to a maximum of level 15.
Faith Moves Mountains When Gepard is in battle, all allies’ Effect RES increases by 20%.
Cold Iron Fist Skill level +2, up to a maximum of level 15. Basic attack level +2, up to a maximum of level 10.
Unyielding Determination When his talent his triggered, Gepard’s action is advanced forward by 100%, and he restores extra HP equal to 50% of his max HP.

Eidolons are the equivalent of Constellations from Genshin Impact, acting as permanent buffs for characters after each additional copy of the character you receive.

Gepard’s Eidolons make up for the weaker elements of his kit, namely the ice crowd control effects, and further build upon his strengths. His first two Eidolons go hand in hand, substantially increasing the chance to freeze with his skill and reducing the SPD of recently unfrozen opponents respectively. This is great at giving Gepard added utility outside of eating damage and handing out shields. On a similar note, his fourth Eidolon will increase the Effect RES of all allies, giving him even greater team-wide utility and support.

While Gepard’s Eidolons are certainly not needed, each provides a valuable upgrade to his kit if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on duplicate copies of him.

Honkai Star Rail Gepard: Gepard standing a short distance from Bronya, who has her back against the camera. There are guards lining either side of their conversation.

How do I get Gepard in Honkai Star Rail?

Gepard can be obtained from the Stellar Warp banner, the Departure Warp banner, and Character Event Warp banners.

As a five-star character, Gepard will no doubt take a significant number of Warps to get, unless luck is on your side. Thankfully, Gepard features on both the standard Stellar Warp banner and the starter Departure Warp banner so you’ve got a reliable source. It’s also possible he will be made available as the featured character in an event Warp banner in the future to focus your search. Read up on the Honkai Star Rail pity system so you’re in the know on how many Warps it could take you to get this stalwart tank.

Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard?

Gepard is a five-star ice tank belonging to the Preservation Path who will serve as a main tank and shielder.

As the respected and upstanding captain of the Silvermane Guards, Gepard and his team have kept the city of Belobog safe. Given the hostile environment surrounding Belobog, Gepard’s efforts are increasingly important and well-regarded.

Now you know everything about the best Honkai Star Rail Gepard build, including what Relics and Light Cones to use, his abilities, Eidolons, and more. Find out the best Honkai Star Rail team comps for more strong setups. Nevertheless, with Gepard at the helm to defend your team, you’re ready to test your strength in the Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall endgame activity for some valuable rewards. Good luck, Trailblazer.