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How to increase your Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level

Find out how to increase your Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level so you can Ascend characters further and get great rewards in HoYoverse's hit RPG.

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level: March 7th leaping into the air and aiming with her bow during the ultimate ability.

One roadblock you’re likely to encounter early on in your journey is how to increase your Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level. You’ll need to do this before you level up your characters past a certain threshold, so it can be troublesome if you don’t know how the system works. Thankfully, we’ve got it all here. Find out all you need to know about the Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level, from how to increase it to all the rewards you’ll get for doing so.

Knowing how to increase your Equilibrium Level in Honkai Star Rail will be vital to taking on higher level enemies and activities in the RPG game, including the Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall. While we eagerly await the Honkai Star Rail PS5, PS4 release date, you should find out all about the Honkai Star Rail Paths so you’re ready for action.

How do I increase my Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level?

You can raise your Equilibrium Level, by completing the Trial of the Equilibrium rift, which is unlocked at specific Traliblazer levels. Once you’ve unlocked this quest, you can find and track the location of the objective.

  • Equilibrium level one – Trailblazer level 20
  • Equilibrium level two – Trailblazer level 30
  • Equilibrium level three – Trailblazer level 40
  • Equilibrium level four – Trailblazer level 50
  • Equilibrium level five – Trailblazer level 60
  • Equilibrium level six – Trailblazer level 65

Complete this trial and your Equilibrium Level will be increased by one. Fret not though, if you fail to complete the challenge, you can return and try again as many times as you need.

These can be quite a challenge though, so make sure you have the best Honkai Star Rail team comps and best Honkai Star Rail builds for every character.

Check out this video by ‘Kyrat on Rails’ so you know what’s in store during the Trial of the Equilibrium to increase your Equilibrium Level:

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What is the Equilibrium Level in Honkai Star Rail?

Your Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level affects enemy difficulty, rewards, and gates objectives and upgrades.

Your Equilibrium Level is linked with your Trailblazer Level to gate progress until you increase it. At levels 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 65, you’ll be tasked with completing a challenge to increase your world level further. This will unlock further levels of character, Relic, and Light Cone upgrades as well as a higher world tier, so it’s something you’re going to want to do to progress.

As your Equilibrium Level increases, you will also obtain better rewards for Calyxes, Stagnant Shadows, Caverns of Corrosion, and Echoes of War.

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With that, you now know how to increase your Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level. Now you will be able to increase the level of your Honkai Star Rail characters, Light Cones, Relics, and more to progress. Good luck, Trailblazer.