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Is High On Life open world?

Are you wondering if High On Life is open world so you can explore a vast open space scape? Well, we have some unfortunate news on how the game is structured

High On Life Open World: Kenny can be seen firing at some aliens

Are you wondering if High On Life open world? Just about to jump in and want to get a feel for how Squanch Games’ latest is structured and if it offers a lot of flexibility. Well, let us take you through exactly what you can expect from High On Life’s crazy creatures, abnormal aliens, and peculiar planets.

As you explore in the game, you will come across many different explorable areas, alongside picking up new High On Life weapons. But, if you were hoping for a traditional kind of open-ended experience that is not what you get here.

Is High On Life open world?

High On Life is not an open-world game. Instead, there are explorable planets that serve as levels and you can hop in between them at any time alongside completing the many High On Life missions and bounties in the main story.

Each planet has a pretty large explorable space, with usually about two-to-three areas within each of them. In each, you can open Luglox chests in High On Life, find High On Life Warp Discs, and hunt down side objectives and other hidden secrets. Each planet houses a different bounty that you will take on throughout the game. There is some non-linearity in the order you explore planets, so if you are looking for a solid guide, our High On Life bounty order guide will tell you the best way to go through each one.

And that is about all you need to know when it comes to how Squanch Games’ latest title is structured and if High On Life is open world. If you are just jumping in and want to know more about the game generally, then the full list of High On Life voice actors and cast may have some names you recognise. You can also find more tips in our High On Life walkthrough.