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Epic Renaissance-inspired FF16 ads show Eikons like never before

In the build-up to Final Fantasy 16, Square Enix is debuting epic new FF16 artwork in Japan that showcases this PS5 game's Eikons as stunning ethereal beings.

Final Fantasy 16 Japan ads Eikons Renaissance: an image of a man with a sword from the RPG

Ahead of the Final Fantasy 16 release date, Square Enix is debuting several pieces of new Final Fantasy 16 artwork in an ad campaign – seemingly exclusive to Japan – that shows the game’s impressive Eikons like we’ve never seen them before. Showcasing this unique aspect of one of the most hotly anticipated upcoming PS5 games this year, the artwork – which is being described as “Renaissance” in style by some – is a truly breathtaking representation of some of the epic battles players can expect to see once they’ve overcome the recently-revealed FF16 day one patch.

If you’re wondering where, specifically, this artwork is going to pop up, the official Japanese-language Final Fantasy 16 Twitter account has shared that “FF16’s new advertisements will be released sequentially from [Monday, June 19] in the Shinjuku, Shibuya, Osaka, and Fukuoka areas”. Specifically, the artwork in the Fukuoka area will be there from Wednesday, June 21.

As you can see for yourself down below, Square Enix has also offered us a look at what this artwork will look like in some of the Japanese subway stations in these areas. As explained by content creator ‘AitaikiMochi‘, the first image is from the Shinjuku area, the second image is from the Shibuya area, and the third one is from the Osaka area.

Final Fantasy 16 Japan ads Eikons Renaissance: An ad in Shinjuku subway station

Final Fantasy 16 Japan ads Eikons Renaissance: An add in Shibuya subway station

Final Fantasy 16 Japan ads Eikons Renaissance: an ad in Osaka subway station

Square Enix is also debuting a 3D digital billboard advertisement in the Shinjuku area showcasing one of the Final Fantasy 16 Eikons, Ifrit, on a bit of a rampage.

Final Fantasy 16 Japan ads Eikons Renaissance: A digital 3d Ad showing Ifrit in Shinjuku

While not quite what we would describe as Renaissance artwork, it’s hard to deny that these new promotional images aren’t impressive in their ability to capture the raw power FF16’s Eikons possess. If you click through this Reddit link to view all the artwork together and zoom in enough, like below, you’ll be able to see that there’s a canvas-like texture under the brush strokes. So, while we don’t know if this was originally painted on a canvas just yet, there’s certainly been some attention to detail to how these epic images have been presented to fans.

Final Fantasy 16 Japan ads Eikons Renaissance: A close up of one of the ads

 As a larger than life representation of a Final Fantasy 16 character’s power, if they’re a Dominant, this series of artwork really does capture the near-unbelievable strength and magnificence Eikons exude. The swirling smoke and the blazing fire only adds to the drama and, thanks to these ads, we really can’t wait to jump in. You can still play the Final Fantasy 16 demo, but we have a funny feeling that’s only a brief taster of what’s coming in the full game.

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However, as exciting as all that new Eikon artwork is, does that mean Final Fantasy 16 is going to be one of the best games of all time? Well, we’re not too far away from finding out. It’s certainly shaping up to be one of the best PS5 RPG games we’ve seen so far. However, with the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth release date on the horizon, we could be looking at another Final Fantasy game joining that list a lot sooner than we think.