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All Final Fantasy 16 Eikons confirmed so far

The Final Fantasy 16 Eikons are powerful creatures that play an important role in the game’s story while serving to add new layers to the PS5 RPG's combat.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Shiva can be seen

The Final Fantasy series has built its identity around unique elements in every title. Among them, powerful creatures such as Shiva and Bahamut are in one way or another present in all the games. Final Fantasy 16 Eikons is how these summonses are brought into the game, but which ones should you expect to see?

In Final Fantasy 16’s Valisthea, there are many realms in the land of Valisthea that thrived thanks to the power of the Mothercrystals. One blessing some citizens receive in this land from the crystals is the power of Eikons. The people who have this power are called Dominants and they can not only use power elemental attacks but they are able to transform into the Eikons themselves. The power of Eikons is extremely important to the nations, affecting the political scenario of Valisthea, while tied to many important Final Fantasy 16 characters. At the same time, Eikons are central to the game’s battle mechanics, since Clive, the main character, can use the powers of Eikons bestowed upon him.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 are a blessing some citizens in Valishthea receive that allows them to transform into large beasts and creatures. Those who receive the blessing are known as the Dominants and the full list of Eikons known so far is:

  • Phoenix
  • Ifrit
  • Shiva
  • Garuda
  • Ramuh
  • Odin
  • Titan
  • Bahamut
  • Titan Lost
  • Typhon

You can get a deeper dive into each one below, as well as how they play when you are using them in the large Eikon battles.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Phoenix can be seen


Phoenix is the first Eikon of Fire. The Phoenix’s Dominant is Joshua Rosfield, Clive’s younger brother. Although it’s still unclear how Phoenix seems as important to Final Fantasy 16’s story as Ifrit as both of them on the Night of Flames text in the game and in the logo of the game.

Final Fantasy 16 logo: The logo can be seen

Phoenix has been present in the series since Final Fantasy 5 and historically this summon has always used recovering skills, such as group healing. In one scene of gameplay that has been shown, we can see Joshua healing a hand, indicating that the Phoenix may still be using the same powers in Final Fantasy 16. However, when it comes to the Phoenix’s skills that Clive has access to, it is a balanced kit. There are skills that allow you to keep a safe distance, such as Fire, while you wait for the chance to throw the enemies in the air with Heat Wave – which works like an uppercut – and you get closer to them with Phoenix Shift, a sort of teleport skill.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Ifrit can be seen


In Final Fantasy 16, Ifrit is not only one of the Eikons core to the game’s narrative. With the same beast-like form this summon has had in other games in the series, Ifrit appears as a second unexpected Eikon of Fire.

During the story, we know that Clive becomes Ifrit’s Dominant, using its power to fight regular enemies and even other Eikons. When controlling Clive’s human form, players have access to magic attacks, such as ‘Will-o’-the-Wykes’, a skill that casts fireballs that circle Clive, protecting him while damaging enemies. Fighting as Ifrit, players have access to a basic attack, Fireball attacks, and a lunge, which works as a gap-closer.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Shiva can be seen


The famous ice-summon Shiva is also part of the Final Fantasy 16 roster of Eikons. The blue-skinned woman, known for her signature attack, Diamond Dust has Jill Warrick as her Dominant. Jill is a girl who was taken to Rosaria to become a ward and raised alongside the Archduke’s sons, Clive and Joshua.

As explained by the game’s producer Naoki Yoshida in the State of Play focused on Final Fantasy 16, the game’s story covers three periods of Clive’s life, and based on that presentation JIll Warrick plays an important role in all of them. The Eikon skills Clive has access to by equipping Shiva are the dodge, Cold Snap, the famous Blizzard, a crowd control skill called Rime that groups enemies in the air, Ice age which is an area-of-effect ice attack, and Mesmerize, a skill that allows Clive to pull enemies towards him.

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Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Garuda can be seen


Master of the sky, the ferocious Aspect of the Wing, Garuda is part of the conflicts in Final Fantasy 16. Benedikta Harman is Garuda’s Dominant and she’s also the head of the Kingdom of Waloed’s intelligencers. According to the Final Fantasy 16 official site, Benedikta crosses Clive’s path when looking for the Eikon of Fire. While it’s suggested that she identifies with Clive to some extent we don’t know whether she becomes a friend or a foe. Players fight Garuda as Ifrit though, which we have seen in gameplay.

When it comes to Garuda’s Eikon skills, players have a kit focused on rapid sequences of slash attacks while keeping a close range to enemies. First, we have Aero as the magic attack Clive gets access to by using Garuda. Then, we have Deadly Embrace, a skill that pulls enemies towards Clive, Gauge is a sequence of slash attacks, Wicked Wheel is an area-of-effect attack that lifts enemies into the air, and Rook’s Gambit, which is a counterattack.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Ramuh can be seen


The Eikon Ramuh is the Aspect of Lightning and a recurring figure in the Final Fantasy series, Now, in Final Fantasy 16, Ramuh is connected to another familiar character for long-time fans of the series. Cidolfus Telamon, also known as Cid. He is Ramuh’s Dominant and used to be part of the Royal Waloeder Army. As an outlaw, Cid wants to build a place for Bearers – those on whom the power of Eikos was bestowed by Dominants – and Dominants where they can choose how they want to live. This is likely because in some places of Valisthea people are afraid of those connected to Eikons, as explained by the game’s localization director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox in a PlayStation blog post.

In terms of Eikon Skills, we know that Clive has access to at least three skills. Thunder is the basic magic ability he gets. As we can see in the Pax East 2023 Panel, Clive can evoke a powerful lightning attack called Thunderstorm. Last is Pile Drive, where Clive uses a lightning ball to attack enemies.

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Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Odin can be seen


The fierce dark-armor knight riding a steed into the battle that players have seen so many times in other Final Fantasy games is back. Odin is one of the Eikons present in Valisthea and his Dominant is Barnabas Tharmr, the king of Waloeder. This is a man to be feared, considering he conquered Ash, one of the regions of Valisthea, by controlling the beastmen who lived in the region. At the same time, Barnabas is a person attracted by the battlefield, always ready to ride his steed.

The kit Clive has access to by equipping Odin seems amazing from the gameplay we have seen. First, we have abilities like Heaven’s Cloud and Gungnir, flashy single and group attacks. Odin’s Eikon skills shine with Arm of Darkness, which activates a mode in which Clive uses Odin’s sword to attack enemies and have access to Zantetsuken, a flurry of slices that escalates depending on how charged the skill’s gauge was when activated. By using Odin, Clive also can cast dark magic and use Rift Slip, an escape ability.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Titan can be seen


The Aspect of Earth, Titan, and his Dominant, Hugo Kupka, have captured a lot of attention in trailers such as the Revenge one from The Game Awards 2022. Titan is a classic summon in the Final Fantasy games and in Final Fantasy 16 he is as impressive as one might expect. Hugo follows the steps of his Eikon in terms of being an imposing figure, since he, who used to be an unknown soldier, became the Permanent Economic Adviser of the Dhalmekian Republic.

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The Titan stance is a great option for players who don’t care about fast combos, but would rather deliver powerful blows to enemies. The Titanic Block is a defensive skill that prevents all the damage you would take from an attack. If this wasn’t enough, you can then use Upheaval, a good crowd control skill. On the other hand, when it comes to more offensive abilities, Titan has Windup, which is a charge attack, Ranging Firsts is a short combo of punches, and Earthen Fur is a wave of rocks shooting out of the ground to hit enemies in front of Clive.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Bahamut can be seen


It’s in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque that you find Bahamut, the king of Dragons, and his Dominant, Dion Lesage, the crown prince. It probably goes without saying that Bahamut is an all-time favorite summon in the Final Fantasy series, always portrayed as having immense power. Although we don’t know if one Eikon is necessarily more strong than others in Final Fantasy 16, we are seeing some of Bahamut’s signature moves in the new game.

After acquiring Bahamut’s Eikon skills, Clive can activate Wings of Light, which is a “dragon mode” of sorts, allowing him to cast Megaflare, an evade skill that finishes with a strong area-of-effect attack. Clive can also use Gigaflare which is a cannon of energy and cast Flare Breath, throwing fire to enemies in front of him. Bahamut’s kit has two other skills. There is Impulse, a jump back that puts some distance between Clive and the enemy. There is also Satellite, which invokes orbs to attack enemies while following him.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Titan Lost can be seen

Titan Lost

We have no information about Titan Lost at the moment. He appeared in the State of Play where we can see Ifrit fighting a gigantic being. It’s unclear if there is a Dominant tied to him or if he’s a regular or special type of Eikon.

We will know more about this Eikon come the game’s release when we will update this article.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons Typhon: Typhon can be seen


Typhon is a creature that was introduced to players in Final Fantasy VI and, since then, has appeared in other titles of the series. This time, in Final Fantasy 16, Typhon is not only coming as an Eikon, but he also has a different design, presenting a humanoid torso now. We have no idea whether he has a Dominant or not, but we do see Ifrit fighting him in the State of Play focused on the game.

And that’s all we have on Final Fantasy 16 Eikons and how they change Clive’s combat abilities. Since the Final Fantasy 16 release date is right around the corner, you might also want to check the Final Fantasy 16 difficulty levels and settings to prepare yourself and find what is right for you.