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Final Fantasy 16 difficulty levels and settings

Whether you’re hoping for a challenge or a walk in the park, here are the Final Fantasy 16 difficulty levels and settings for the new RPG on PS5.

Final Fantasy 16 Difficulty Levels: Clive can be seen

Sometimes you’re up for a difficult battle, and sometimes you want to take your time and enjoy the story, and the Final Fantasy 16 difficulty levels will help you choose the best option for yourself. With the latest game in the RPG series being such an action-oriented experience, you’ll want to choose right so you can have a great time in Final Fantasy 16.

Before you jump into the game, you will want to know about the different difficulty levels you can pick between so you can enjoy one of the best PS5 RPGs at your pace and in the style you like. So, before you meet the various Final Fantasy 16 characters, and the Final Fantasy 16 voice actors behind them, here’s which difficulty option you should choose so you can enjoy the story in the game without any frustrations.

Final Fantasy 16 difficulty levels

There are two Final Fantasy 16 difficulty levels and settings, aptly called story-focused and action-focused. The former offers Timely accessories that, when equipped, make combat easier to complete, while the latter doesn’t offer these items. If you have experience with action games, action-focused is the better option.

These items, as well as the difficulty options, were revealed in the Final Fantasy 16 State of Play and they are in the full game too, which we detail in our Final Fantasy 16 review. The timely accessories have varying benefits and from what we know so far no negative effects. However, they do take up your accessory slots, so you won’t be able to benefit from the better gear you will likely get toward the end of the game if you keep these equipped.

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There are five Final Fantasy 16 Timely accessories to be aware of, those being:

  • Ring of Timely Evasion – Clive will automatically evade attacks if they can be evaded
  • Ring of Timely Focus – Time slows down when evading an enemy attack. It has no effect if Ring of Timely Evasion is equipped.
  • Ring of Timely Strikes – Complex ability combinations can be executed by simply pressing Square.
  • Ring of Timely Assistance
  • Ring of Timely Healing

The Ring of Timely Assistance and the Ring of Timely Healing don’t have descriptions just yet, but we can speculate based on their names. Timely Assistance is likely linked to that of companions, who assist you in combat and could potentially attack enemies more often than normal. As for Timely Healing, it will likely automatically use items to heal Clive when he’s low on health.

Those are the Final Fantasy 16 difficulty settings to choose between when the game finally launches. We’re looking to spend a lot of time in Valisthea, especially with the Final Fantasy 16 length offering a generous amount of playtime to experience, especially as it is looking to be one of the best PS5 RPG games on the console.